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  1. heard this?
  2. The Wind Cries Mary - origin
  3. Need help identifying Hendrix drawing.
  4. Jimiland
  5. Right now I'm listening to:
  6. what Guitar they talking about?
  7. Alan Douglas Releases
  8. Cornell Dupree
  9. Why can't EH do something like this?
  10. Fillmore Feb 4, 1968, is this concert circulating?
  11. Jimi Hendrix Encyclopedia
  12. "Cry Of Love" band/tour name source
  13. Authentic Hendrix beware
  14. Little Lick in several songs.
  15. SATURNIA 2011 Italian Jimi Hendrix fest
  16. Jimi article in Guitar World or Guitar Player in the late 80's/early 90's
  17. ACOUSTIC JIMI AND JUMA (This might expose me as a novice collector, but...)
  18. Proof the BOG's were only employed to record Chalpins L.P.
  19. cal expo film sold to eh
  20. Bill Magee member of Jimmy James and the Blue Flames?
  21. JH autograph
  22. Jimi recording Buddy Guy
  23. Jimi - 05-18-1969 footage ?
  24. Peter Torke's Hollywood party home at Laurel Canyon, LA
  25. June 1968 studio jams: "Blow", and "Inside Out"?
  26. Trouble with the green demon
  27. Why did Jimi remake Stone Free twice?
  28. Anyone up for a Rosa Lee Brooks interview?
  29. Buddy Miles- Italian TV interview
  30. 1968 Gypsy Eyes Sessions Out-takes?
  31. Most under-appreciated shows (cough cough Baltimore)
  32. Hey Joe I.D. Help
  33. eyewitness thread
  34. list of audience recordings with very loud guitar
  35. June 'Bug' Hendrix
  36. Anybody help me with venue? (silent 8mm)
  37. Things That I Used To Do - Newport 69
  38. Any video sound you'd like as audio?..
  39. Noob looking for help
  40. 1966 at Allegro Sound Studios in New York City
  41. Bad Album Covers
  42. SB quality torrents
  43. Google home page/Les Paul birthday motief
  44. Hear My Train A Comin' - did Jimi ever call it that?
  45. Text of Rupe's clippings with dates (mostly) and some additions
  46. Pastor Patrinell Staten Wright at Jimi’s Funeral
  47. "Jimi Hendrix" copywrite laws?
  48. An enormous task
  49. Gypsy Eyes video and interview question
  50. Jimi's music: really appreciated or guitar hero its become cool to like?
  51. Al Hendrix and Kathy Etchingham on Jimi Hendrix's Personal Record Collection
  52. 2/18/69 Royal Albert Hall appreciation thread
  53. Jam Back At The House/Beginning(s)
  54. Jimi's classical influences
  55. Does anyone know where the title Villanova Junction Blues came from?
  56. Bad day at Newport - June 20, 1969
  57. Unreleased Recording List?
  58. Jimi Hendrix at Winterland RYKO 1990
  59. Best Show of European Tour 1970?
  60. Help identifying some footage
  61. Juma Sultan music and video archive
  62. Bonnaroo: Jimi Hendrix’s $15,500 Wah-Wah
  63. The Jimi Hendrix Reference Library
  64. Meic Stevens on Jimi's death - he DRANK too much wine/lager!
  65. Chronological 8mm list?
  66. my vacation with Tony Brown pt1
  67. Free Leech Torrents
  68. Jimi's hotel/apartment amp
  69. My vacation with Tony brown pt.2
  70. McGough & McGear
  71. Complete Collection
  72. West Coast Seattle Boy revisted on Vinyl
  73. How did you discover Hendrix?
  74. IOW 9/9 reissue: "newly discovered" Hey Joe footage, individual cam angle navigation
  75. Hmm does anyone know
  76. Anyone attempted a re-sync of Woburn footage?
  77. Can someone identify this early Jimi poster? (Syd Barrett content)
  78. Fillmore West - King and Joplin?
  79. Jimi Hendrix Biography Film With Andre 3000 Moving Forward
  80. Full Hey Baby from Maui. (MrCaptainCoconut)
  81. looking for anyone living close to Philadeldhia!
  82. Limited Edition Jimi Print 25 Only!
  83. Well, we did the Europe ones...so how about the best US 1970 shows?
  84. when wil family release the Astro Man instrumental jam?
  85. Jimi in Denmark
  86. Jimi In London Guided Tour 25th Sept. 2011
  87. Pali Gap
  88. Leon Hendrix
  89. Billy Cox playing with Charlie Daniels?
  90. Hendrix On TMZ Again
  91. Bootsy - Mirrors Tell Lies
  92. Australia still sells Hendrix Bootlegs & Pirate CDs.
  93. Heather Taylor
  94. Je vous présente le penis de Jimi Hendrix...
  95. Getting permission from authors.
  96. Woodstock
  97. where can I find this full version of Midnight?
  98. Estate Denies Biopic Rumors
  99. Axis Legacy Vinyl (Or is it)
  100. Jimi Hendrix Acoustic
  101. "Burning Desire" - January 1, 1970, Fillmore East ???
  102. what are the 2 bonus tracks on the EH Valleys of Neptune (special edition)??
  103. Eric barrett
  104. Lyric question- San Diego '69 'Red House'
  105. Hendrix London Flat Tours Available Again 17/18 Sept 2011 Handel House
  106. Heaven Has No Sorrow (the last great Hendrix track)
  107. Jay Carney for President!!!
  108. Least Favorite Hendrix Tracks
  109. RE: The 4th Experience Album Sessions
  110. 'Jimi Hendrix Welcomes You Back To School' HP commercial
  111. Favorite version of songs
  112. Little Wing Indian Chief
  113. What's this all about? Any suggestions?
  114. The terrible mix of The Baggy's Rehearsal and Live At The Fillmore East
  115. Great job using both cameras to capture Newport Pop '69!!
  116. Jeff "Skunk" Baxter
  117. Jimi Hendrix Park Unveiled
  118. Favorite Album side (Vinyl Lovers)
  119. Why did Hendrix stop playing Earth Blues?
  120. Cover Story Interview - "Are You Experienced?"
  121. Hendrix Jacket Up For Auction In England
  122. Experience Hendrix Wants To Hear From You!
  123. Wu Tang & Jimi Hendrix - "Black Gold"
  124. "Darlin" by Lenny Howard - Jimi on guitar?
  125. Banning Members-Closing Topics
  126. Man anyone else...
  127. Eric Oxendine 40 min CD with Hendrix???
  128. Jimi and Keith conversation at MSG '69 transcribed
  129. New interview??
  130. 2012 Hendrix Tour Setlist & Locations
  131. New Jimi Hendrix Autograph Study
  132. ElectRic ladyland in new york 52 west 8th have you been there and how did you get in
  133. Audio-Video List
  134. Hey Joe and Stone Free 'payola' promotion by Radio London
  135. Sound Track recordings From The Film Jimi Hendrix
  136. the stratocaster with a telecaster neck
  137. Gypsy Woman/Aware of Love Woodstock footage
  138. How did Jimi get to Bermuda without a passport?
  139. Hey Baby / New Rising Sun Favorit Version.
  140. Re-remastering
  141. Why does EH keep releasing such appalling covers?
  142. Did Jimi invent heavy rock/grunge?
  143. With all these great torrents - Bob Terry, what can you share about him?
  144. Meeting Billy tomorrow
  145. Noel Redding's diaries - Nov/Dec 1967 entries?
  146. Anybody see & hear the new stuff? I just did
  147. 'Jimi Hendrix At Woodstock' laser disc transfer?
  148. Jimi Hendrix & The Isley Brothers - In the Beginning Liner Notes
  149. your next 5 fave jimi sounds for digiTech pedal?
  150. Juma speaks on US 1970 Tour (little tid bits)
  151. Anyone want some Jimpress back issues?
  152. Noels son in Denmark says hello
  153. "Go Places with Books"
  154. Jimi Hendrix - Live Experience 1967-68 - Bootleg Tribute Album
  155. Monika Danneman Talkshow interview with Selina Scott
  156. Frank Zappa "We're Only In It For The Money" cover shooting session with Jimi SHORT!!
  157. Jimi Hendrix Plat Préféré Belgian TV Program on Youtube parts 1+2/2
  158. BBC Hendrix Night: "Picture This" with Noel Redding Kathy Etchingham Pete Townshend
  159. Monsterkonzert: Jimi In Zurich Blog
  160. Rememberance of JAMES MARSHALL HENDRIX, Forever in our Hearts
  161. Hendrix Trivia
  162. Fehmarn Germany footage
  163. Buddy Guy & BB King talk about meeting Jimi for the firs time
  164. 2nd Hendrix Birthday ...
  165. Meeting Al
  166. Drifting sessions
  167. Hendrix's multi track recorded shows , what more is out there ?
  168. The problem with editing Jimi
  169. The Redding Experience DVD 2010(1998 Interview)
  170. San Diego '69 - Foxy Lady
  171. Has anyone heard jimis song drinking wine sipping time ?
  172. Strange Day on Maui Film
  173. The Story of Life
  174. Goodbye K.B. Hallen?
  175. Janie Hendrix: The Original 10 Year Plan (deleted)
  176. Leon Hendrix & Andrew Pitsicali win right to sell Hendrix merchandising
  177. Jimi Hendrix - Venues - then, and now
  178. Jimi Hendrix and Pat O'Day
  179. Baron Wolman Talks a Bit About J. Hendrix et al
  180. Why are there so many Jimi live recordings out there?
  181. Bert Jansch R.I.P.
  182. (x2-x1)2 + (y2-y1)2 x (Wells – Einstein) = meeting Hendrix
  183. Monterey Jam
  184. Top Of The Pops 29 January 1966: Any pics?
  185. Daytripper
  186. "Rescued From Randall's Island" Bootleg
  187. Electric Ladyland cover
  188. Hendrix RED sacrifice strat
  189. Hendrix Guitar World December 2011
  190. Hendrix and Brian Jones recordings?
  191. 10 Greatest-Ever Rhythm Guitarists ...
  192. Loudness war
  193. What bootleg is this version of Astro Man from?
  194. Race With The Devil: Gun
  195. Jimi Hendrix miltary records
  196. "Strate Ahead" Tracklist Question
  197. Jimi's between song banter
  198. Need help to find and identify a jam session with Hendrix
  199. Colorizing BW Jimi films
  200. Alan Douglas releases versus collector's discs
  201. chance to play "be Hendrix for a few hours" for only 15$?
  202. Purple Haze - Jesus Saves
  203. Needed: Last American Concert LP dub
  204. Right now I'm watching ...
  205. Jimi´s first Stratocaster?
  206. Uncirculated Jimi
  207. Jim Morrison interview backstage at the Isle of Wight 1970
  208. Who is the better bass player?
  209. Organisms Take 8
  210. Any of you know where this moving stills come from?
  211. The Buggy's Rehearsal 1969
  212. May I land my kinky machine?
  213. New Hendrix - Mojo Man?
  214. Jimi items in weird constellations
  215. sensitive to hendrix
  216. Jimi's Last Strat ?
  217. Englebert Honours Hendrix + Barrie Wentzell Limited Edition Photos
  218. Jimi on TV tonight
  219. Freedom - multi-tracks
  220. Guitar Hero III World Tour game - Hendrix tracks
  221. Hendrix Guitar World December 2011 - What are your Top 10 Jimi tracks?
  222. Where is the corvette?
  223. Calling Authentic Hendrix
  224. "The Man Who Saved Hendrix From The Mafia"
  225. FEEDBACK! - An open message page to Experience Hendrix L.L.C.
  226. Berlin photos
  227. Classic Records QUIEX-SV-P considered 'official'??
  228. Jimi Hendrix and Chas Chandler met in 1965..?
  229. Hendrix phone app
  230. Rolling Stone Mag names Jimi Greatest Guitarist of All-Time
  231. Authentic Hendrix Sale
  232. Deutschlandhalle will soon be demolished...
  233. Sterling Man Auctioning Rare Hendrix Tape
  234. re: God Save the Queen at Isle of Wight - riddle me this!
  235. So... Jimi and Eric...
  236. 1968-10-05 Hawaii photos needed
  237. The Jimi Hendrix/Jim Morrison jam
  238. why there are not too many photos made at Winterland
  239. Ron Raffaelli
  240. Hendrix Park To Open Next Year In Seattle
  241. The Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction: Hendrix items
  242. New Jimi pictures on "Pawn Stars"--comments please?
  243. Jimi- Italy Sbd
  244. Bob Cummings hendrix autograph from Cafe Au Go Go on ebay
  245. 45 rpm Needle Drops?
  246. Eddie Kramer Audio Plugin Collection
  247. Planet Rock lossless
  248. Favorite "rare" studio takes?
  249. Happy Christmas from the Beatles
  250. Upgrade of Jan 28 1970 MSG "Earth Blues" clip?
  251. Jimi's button at Star Club?
  252. Filming of Clark university 3/15/68
  253. Hendrix's Experience Announces 2012 Tribute Tour
  254. Hendrix most downloaded at WV
  255. Jimi Releases
  256. Hendrix Monterey Soundcheck footage
  257. Band of Gypsys DVD
  258. Whammy bar?
  259. Coat Jimi Hendrix wore on the night he died expected to sell for £25,000 at auction
  260. Stars up Above
  261. Remaining Merge Candidates?
  262. Café Au Go Go movie
  263. Jimi Guitar to be turned into a boat! London Olympics 2012
  264. ATM + Collector discs on Ebay
  265. online newspaper archieves
  266. Live with John Mayall´s Bluesbreakers(?)
  267. EZ Rider drum intro
  268. Favorite Live Hendrix "Outros"
  269. Atlanta Pop Festival Footage??
  270. Ventura, California 1970 Webpage
  271. RIP Jimmy Castor
  272. Jimi Hendrix Original Song/Poem Manuscripts, does someone have 55,000$ ???
  273. RIP Johnny Otis and Etta James
  274. Some Great Jimi Limited Edition Photographs London UK
  275. Hendrix/Hurdy Gurdy Man
  276. Did Jimi have a lisp?
  277. Concerts CD I made for friends:
  278. Little Wing Take 2
  279. Jimi Jamming at Monkees Tour Party
  280. Fehmarn Poster on ebay
  281. Footages of Jimi recording in the studio (Only TTG?)
  282. Very best sounding live audience recordings ?
  283. Billy Cox Star man episode 3
  284. What if Jimi had an Azimuth Coordinator?
  285. All Along The Watchtower - Dylan/Hendrix Mix
  286. Hendrix Berlin '70 Poster On Pawn Stars!
  287. IOW DVD
  288. Freedom Promo Video
  289. Jimi Hendrix Tonight Show
  290. re: complete studio villanova junction blues jam on YouTube
  291. Spanish Castle Ballroom
  292. Who Robbed Jimi's Apartment After He Died?
  293. Classic 60's Hapshash Jimi Poster Available x100 Only Signed By Artist
  294. The Hendrix Auction Thread
  295. Chopped up Fillmore Machine Gun?
  296. Is This Jimi?
  297. Band of Gypsys Reel to Reel scans
  298. Jimi crossing racial boundaries
  299. A strange telegram
  300. Electric Lady expansion
  301. Maui shows
  302. Freddie Mercury drawing of Hendrix
  303. Jimi's self portrait
  304. Paul Allen's plan for London Olympics
  305. Berkeley Merge?
  306. Black Beauty Guitar Specs
  307. Thomas Fabel, where are you?
  308. Dutch TV Performance
  309. R.I.R. Bob Hendrix
  310. Music Hall Of France master tape videos
  311. The Breeze & I
  312. Band of Gypsys' Tobacco strat????
  313. kind of jh related - miles davis wah wah solo posted in 'other cool tunes' section
  314. the band Gun: live Race With The Devil & Jimi tribute Oct. 22, 1970
  315. King Guitar-The Story Of Pop-Jimi
  316. Hendrix's "Mixed-Handedness," Secret to His Genius?
  317. "LOOK OVER YONDER"-SESSION, 22 October 1968.
  318. There's a jimi owned guitar up for auciton on ebay
  319. R.I.P. Davy Jones
  320. Royal Albert Hall clip, not the 24th (???)
  321. Silver Apples SELECTIONS from the early sessions LP 12" Jimi Hendrix Contact OOP
  322. Fred Underhill filming 8/18/69
  323. An Illustrated Experience
  324. Hackers stole Hendrix music files from Sony
  325. Bash away
  327. Jimi's Aunt, Lucille's sister, passes
  328. The next generation is coming up!!!
  329. JH overdubbed bass on "ALL GOD'S CHILDREN"
  330. Unknown Jimi album.. compilation of not yet released tracks ?!?
  331. 2/24/69- Merges, Merges, and Remasters. Has it been done (well)?
  332. RE: New Rising Sun
  333. Still got my guitar
  334. Discovering Jimi: Did the Airplane Dare Follow Him at the Fillmore, or Did They Go Ho
  335. Secret message Third Stone From the Sun
  336. New, undated Red House, Village Theater NYC
  337. "Stone free" sessions with Soft Machine backing vocals
  338. Les Paul Custom played in the latter years? NY Pop (Randall's Island)?
  339. Jimi Sites
  340. Down Here On The Farm
  341. Closed circuit tv at Village Gate concert?
  342. stage recording of Deutschlandhalle 04-09-1970?
  343. Jimi's guitar technique evolution
  344. The Chislehurst Caves
  345. Did Billy really suffer a "breakdown" or... Another tidbit from Rupe's archive
  346. Jim filmed in the studio
  347. Best Solo @ Studio Brussels
  348. Track records - history?
  349. Roy Buchanan and Jimi - what's the truth of this claim?
  350. RIP Jim Marshall
  351. So, Dolly Dagger may not have been the next JH single 'A' side? Another Rupe tidbit
  352. Hendrix-esque songs
  353. Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Sun Ra, Roland Kirk "article"
  354. Steve Roby site with footnotes to Becoming Jimi Hendrix
  355. Guitar Player - May 2012
  356. Bands Jimi Liked
  357. Will these bootlegs be officially released?
  358. Hendrix broken leg picture exist?
  359. New Technology - A Jimi Hendrix Hologram concert could happen.
  360. Question about TTG Studios Sessions
  361. Connections To Jimi RIP Al Hendrix
  362. Where are these video clips from? Live teases
  363. Is that really Jimi ???
  364. Jimi’s Free Concert at the Thee Image Club in 1969
  365. Dub reggae pionneer Dennis Bovell was inspired by Jimi
  366. Colorising black & white footage
  367. Record Store Day 2012
  368. Vancouver Interview 9-7-68 four versions
  369. Jimi Who?
  370. Jimi Hendrix - Martin Scorsese film The Blues (2cds)
  371. Hologram Hendrix ?
  372. Idol Axis
  373. Swedish Hendrix documentary on friday 27th april!!!
  374. Jimi & Chas two seconds of footage
  375. Jimi Hendrix Timecode 1968
  376. TV Documentary on Jimi in Sweden: SVT2 friday 27 april, TONIGHT 20.00 hrs.
  377. Holes in amplifiers?
  378. Maybe It Happened
  379. guitar guinness record
  380. Mark "Moogy" Klingman and Hendrix
  381. Hendrix Film Starring Andre 3000 to begin filming this month!
  382. Gered Mankowitz Exhibition London & Great Karl Ferris Posters Hand Signed
  383. Some rare hendrix pics from sweden and denmark I dont think you have seen!!!
  384. top 3 sounding live shows
  385. Isle of Wight - Alternate pro-audio sources (versions)
  386. Collective Spirit Boat
  387. Chas Chandler's Comments After RAH
  388. Check out Popa Chubby Hendrix covers
  389. 'Spanish Castle Magic' - Alternate Woodstock Video Complete Edit
  390. Sad news from Electric Lady Studios
  391. Are You Experienced Turns 45 Years Young
  392. When Spock Met Hendrix
  393. Philly
  394. RIP "Duck " Dunn
  395. Did Jimi Hendrix Really Plan to Join Emerson, Lake and Palmer?
  396. The boat that Hendrix's guitar built
  397. Hear My Train a Comin': Jimi Hendrix Hits London
  398. Leon talks about Jimi
  399. 'Taking Britain by Storm: Behind the Scenes on the JHE's 2nd UK tour' EH article?
  400. BP Fallon Blog Archive--Jimi Hendrix
  401. $3,000, Jimi Hendrix Collection of 44 Years Plus
  402. Just food for thought but....
  403. Linda McCartney
  404. Ventura 6-21-70 pics
  405. Buddy Miles and Santana 1972 at TTD
  406. Jimi Plays Berkeley
  407. What happend to Jimi's amps?
  408. Jimi's money
  409. Joe Walsh on meeting Hendrix (Howard Stern Show, 06/04/2012)
  410. Marketing Hendrix when no one buys albums anymore
  411. 2 Live Albums Not Accepted...anyone know the stories behind this?
  412. Jimi' son
  413. Mr George Marino
  414. Kathy & Monika
  415. September 18th 2012- Lansdowne Crescent meet with Tina Hendrix and Co..Who's in?
  416. help identifying proto-funk BoG song "Street Things"
  417. Came across this site
  418. Hendrix footage from Hollywood Bowl video (stills)
  419. Song in First Rays Bonus DVD menu?
  420. Link to book by Adamski "guru" behind the Rainbow Bridge meditation cult
  421. The backward wound low E string...
  422. Footage of Jimi in the Electric Lady studios (Isle Of Wight DVD)??
  423. Experience Hendrix Working On A Jimi Hendrix 3D Hologram!!!!!!!
  424. August 18, 1967 Hollywood Bowl
  425. Recording Are You Experienced?
  426. Jimi's Candy-apple red Strat aka: The Saville Strat
  427. Strange photo
  428. Janie Hendrix's villa for sale
  429. Hendrix attacked by Chickenman?
  430. A chance encounter with Eddie Kramer
  431. Newport 20/6/69
  432. 2 James's at the IOW 1970
  433. Jimi Hendrix Experience TOTP or RSG 12-1966 in-line recording of the TV performance
  434. Rolling Stone and Hendrix at 70
  435. Need help with Hendrix signatures
  436. Winterland 10-10
  437. How many complete sessions have surfaced?
  438. Rolling Stone Jimi Plays Berkeley clip
  439. Gary Moore-Hendrix Tribute Show.
  440. Neil Landon / Day to Day diaries
  441. Bob Babbit
  442. My Hendrix addiction!
  443. Request citation for Hendrix quote: Once you are dead you are made for life
  444. Berkeley Girls
  445. Jimi on Laserdisc and Betamax
  446. Soundboard 18-02-69
  447. Hendrix and Juma's guitar-conga jam
  448. San Diego 5/24/69 roundup...
  449. Something you really do need to read.
  450. 43rd anniversary of Rainbow Bridge
  451. "The Last Of The Good Stuff" (studio tracks)
  452. The Almost Hendrix Estate
  453. Soft Machine home videos Hendrix Tour 1968
  455. Mark Boyle story of Newark tribute to MLK
  456. Four Unreleased Jimi Hendrix 16mm Color Films Sell For $10,000
  457. 9/3/70 Copenhagen
  458. For the Swedes here...
  459. Who was Karen Davis?
  460. Preview of Gary Moore - Blues for Jimi
  461. Brand New Exclusive Interview with Eddie Kramer (new project!)
  462. Jimi Hendrix one of film sells on eBay for $10,000
  463. Jimi and the blonde lady mystery - solved [almost]
  464. Hendrix Special On Axis In September Issue Record Collector
  465. studio merges Silver Blue To Bloody Red vol. 1&2
  466. Noel vs Billy
  467. Jimi Hendrix vs Spiderman - Astro man Revolt in the Fifth Dimension
  468. Voodoo Chile spoken part
  469. Woodstock-Length of show
  470. ‘Are You Experienced?’ Turns 45 Years Young
  471. Band of Gypsys
  472. Univbe summer editon
  473. Rolling Stone Encyclopedia(2005edition)
  474. 2850 Benedict Canyon Drive, Hollywood
  475. Janie's Hendrix family history, shot down!
  476. Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Shame
  477. The Breeze and I
  478. Leslie Speaker Tracks
  480. Henry Rollin's Jimi Hendrix Radio Specials For September
  481. Mr. Wiggles singles
  482. III Hendrix Memoriam Day (Italy)
  483. Hendrix Multi-Tracks?
  484. 24 bit audio
  485. Guitar World 100 Greatest Hendrix Peformances (rarities)
  486. Just a quick note for Youtube Downloaders
  487. 09.18.1970
  488. Purple Haze in the movie Altered States
  489. Hospital Club
  490. Best Hendrix Live Recordings
  491. Banjo and John Deer photo
  492. Andy Williams R.I.P.
  493. Rolling Stones 1965 film
  494. Winterland Highlights Tab Book
  495. Guitarist's question: did Jimi play power chords?
  496. Noel reading playing little wing
  497. Compact disc player turns 30 years old
  498. Record Collector Axis Issue
  499. Record Collector News-Jimi Plays Berkley Sept-Oct Cover
  500. UK "Are You Experienced" - Bruce Fleming cover photo