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  1. Lyrics to 'somewhere'
  2. LYRICS TO EARTH BLUES (just coz you had to)
  3. FREEDOM (just coz you had to)
  4. IOW 8/30/70 Between Song Chatter
  5. 1/13/69 Koln Between Song Chatter
  6. 9/3/70 Copenhagen Between Song Chatter
  7. 1970-07-17 'New York Pop Festival' Transcription
  8. Dance (Mitch Mitchell Vocal) Lyrics
  9. A line in "Who Knows" Band of Gypsy's NYE at the Fillmore
  10. Straight Ahead 07-04-1970
  11. Every version of Straight Ahead/Pass It On in order
  12. Suddenly November Morning
  13. Hendrix's Lyrics in Watchtower - does it bug you?
  14. Machine Gun
  15. Lover Man lyrics (Does he say "...I wanna fuck you longer baby" at Berkley)
  16. New version of 3RD STONE in new multi tracks
  17. 1970-01-28 'Winter Festival For Peace' Madison Square Garden, New York City USA
  18. Doriella Du Fontaine
  19. So if we have a forum for lyrics...
  21. Those 67 "knight" jams, pretty far out, cool, or what!
  22. New Rising Sun (Isle of Wight recording)
  23. Dear Mr Fantasy edits
  24. If they got their minds together...
  25. Little Wing Without Fade Out!
  26. Dolly Dagger
  27. "Somewhere"?? (w. Paul Caruso)
  28. Drifting
  29. Cherokee Mist: The Lost Writings of Jimi Hendrix
  30. Dream - Noel Redding
  31. ISABELLA, Hispanic tribute?
  32. Message To Love(BOG) & Other Hendrix - censored?
  33. Burning of the Midnight Lamp - Rotary Connection
  34. Jimi felt his lyrics were not appreciated
  35. Janie's new Ultimate Lyrics book
  36. The JHE's recording of "All Along The Watchtower" turns 45 today
  37. Need Help Identifying ...
  38. The 110 songs Hendrix wrote list?
  39. Blue thumb Ezy Rider takes
  40. Acetate recording of “Hey Joe” / “Stone Free”, from November 1966
  41. Original DREAM / DANCE acetate
  42. Song Name Please? Morrison's Lament?
  43. What song is playing at the beginning of this documentary?
  44. Rainbow Bridge Ezy Rider mix with Mitch Mitchell
  45. Dance on the desert Lyrics
  46. Did Chas/Jimi plagiarise the arrangement of Hey Joe?
  47. What song is playing in this documentary?
  48. Machine Gun BOG Live at the Filmore
  49. Voodoo Child (slight return) or Voodoo Chile (slight return)?
  50. Captain Coconut
  51. Lyric question - Gypsy Eyes (home recording)
  52. operation fishbowl - 1983 a merman I shall turn to be
  53. Machine Gun prototypes?
  54. Does anyone else love Jimi's vocals on "The things I used to do?"
  55. The jazzest song of Jimi
  56. Little Wing take #1 w/ vocals
  57. original Rollin' Stone etc. antecedents & early influences
  58. JIMI's Catfish Blues, contemporary sources
  59. Pop North lyric variations
  60. Where was The Wind Cries Mary written?
  61. James Brown - House Burning Down?
  62. Alan Douglas on Jimi's songwriing
  63. Added Vocals over Alternate Mixes
  64. Happy Birthday - Version
  65. Easy Blues vs Burning Desire