View Full Version : "Black Honky"

Roland Stone
11-25-08, 11:31 PM
The new issue of MOJO has a short article about the Stephen Stills/ Hendrix CD being "readied" by Experience Hendrix. No new songs named beyond "Old Times Good Times" and "White Nigger" (which Stills says Jimi wanted to call "Black Honky"). But apparently there is more material and Stills says the music is fantastic. Sorry I don't have the article, I just thumbed through the mag today at the newstand, so I can't quote directly.

Roland Stone
11-25-08, 11:43 PM
Also read recently where Stills says he followed Jimi around like a groupie until people "thought we were gay - but it wasn't like that!" Neil Young wasn't so enamored of Hendrix at first, and was particulary irritated when the Buffalo Springfield would be rehearsing and Young would hear some "God-awful noise" behind him - he'd turn around and it would be Stills trying to play guitar with his teeth! "We're not Hendrix!" Young would complain "We're SPRINGFIELD!"

Herman Cherusken
11-26-08, 10:30 AM
Lol, good story about Stills following Jimi around, star struck (or demi-god struck). I could feel it on a distance and AFTER he was dead, how musnt it have been then while he lived, being close to his radiating metaphysical vibrations, not to mention to be there just for the musical creativity. But can the two be separated...

As far as the possibility of a release of unreleased music, any new stuff is like solace to the soul...