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01-02-09, 12:07 AM
To take this and put it in its own thread....

I see that the Fillmore performance of this tune, 2nd show on 1-1-70, 4th show, the one that made it onto the BOG album, is also a favorite tune of many others including Chris Dixon on Just Ask the Axis:

... a good solo by Jimi and the middle section has always been a favorite of mine ...

Maybe it's me but I think he says that about almost every Hendrix tune!

I find the comment interesting: ""Despite much studio work on this (and PoS), interesting that Jimi chose to release these as the versions of record (studio versions of both have long circulated and were eventually released officially)."" I have never heard a studio version that surpasses this one.

MS, I agree with your observation and understanding of Jimi's use of wah-wah as tonal sound-scaping, but I was referring to a brief portion around 2:15 into this video version on YouTube, where it sounds like he is actually working the pedal a bit. I was surprised to see that it is not the case; he does not appear to have moved over to where the effects devices are set up. It is difficult to see on the video, much of it kind of primitive especially the lighting, but if he doesn't work the wah-wah even a little bit, how the heck does he get that sound? (Laughing)

By the way, I think the video is pretty well done. The only part I don't care for is a scant few seconds before the ending which cuts out during the exciting ascending scales. Since the rest of it is so well done, I have to assume that there was no video available for that brief portion. Never mind; the video is awesome, a thrill to see after all these years.

Back to Chris Dixon's JATA review, this portion is of the performance vocals:

""The background vocals here have always been a bit of a mystery to me. Ever since first hearing this in 1970, I could swear there were some extra high harmony voices present. Years later, I see that Emeretta Marks, who sang on some of Jimi's '70 studio sessions (ex. 'In From The Storm'), tells a story of singing at one of the Fillmore shows with Jenny Dean from "behind a maroon curtain" on "a couple of tunes", mentioning MtL specifically (see Voodoo Soup liner notes). She mentions "having a box" at the Fillmore and in fact the upper stage left 'box' (y'know, the 'Lincoln' box....) was where VIPs sat at the Fillmore and also happened to be where the soundboard was (and was seperated from the audience view by a maroon curtain just like she describes). Would've been a simple matter to set up a mic or two next to the board and mix her in. It's all conjecture and there's never been any such credit on a BoG release (nor collaboration by another party), but those high harmonies still strike me enough that it at least remains an open question in my mind. Seems unlikely she'd go to the trouble of concocting such a story.""

I think that Buddy Miles' vocal abilities could easily handle those harmonies, and although he's not lit well enough to always see him singing, I think the variations are just him singing either close to the mike, or slightly away from it. He was a master at that. Anyone else?

01-02-09, 12:51 AM
Can you post a link to the video?

Also, don't forget that Billy also contributed backing/harmony vocals. Those highs were certainly within both their vocal reach (Buddy could definitely Patti Labelle the heck out of those high notes, I've seen him do it!). Finally, I never realized Billy's vocal involvement until I finally saw him & Buddy on video doing those creepy, eerie high "oooooooooooooooooooooo"'s just prior to the close of 'Machine Gun" as Jimi's guitar generates those wind-like, swirling, crying synth-type sounds.

01-02-09, 08:39 AM
Ah, I am slowly realizing what happened:
On you tube is a film of the Message to Love BOG performance of the 2nd show on Jan 1st.
The sound that is.
For the image the guy cleverly used parts of the 1st show ( any song that fitted ) and parts of the Isle of Wight performance ( the close ups from the side )
Therefore Jimi does use his wahwah in the song but you do not see him move to the pedals, because you see an image from another song !
Now on the one hand it is great that these video's are made, but for me as a purist: I like to see the pure raw Hendrix material synced to his actual playing and not some MTV style edited make-belief video (although it is done so cleverly here that it makes you wonder ).
therefore I made available both the full Balcony and Groundfloor video of this New Years show in unaltered and complete ( as far as it was taped ) form here on CTT
Unfortunately, it does not include Message to Love as the 2nd show was not taped.
Happy Newyear all

01-02-09, 08:52 PM
Just watched this. Perhaps you can give me a time reference as I did not spot any IOW footage. And you have confirmation that "...the 2nd show was not taped."? Never knew that. But if all the audio and video are indeed from different performances then it was a pretty nice job. Yep, while the syncing was OK, there are obvious (to a musician at least) errors such as Buddy playing the crash/ride cymbals when the audio is obviously the closed hi-hats and Jimi's lips mouthing words and both hands positioned playing notes that don't match the audio. However, all this notwithstanding, it probably don't mean squat to the enjoyment of the moment.

01-02-09, 09:59 PM
Creative editing for sure-- I still like it though-- the close ups show two microphones

01-02-09, 10:16 PM
MS, I think the IOW closeups he's referring to are like the first one at :24-:26

My experience with this kind of thing is usually that the more you know, the more you have to object to in terms of lack of purity. There is a whole range of responses that people can have to such a thing, and how much they accept it. How much slack we cut it depends in part on how much of an unedited version exists now, and whether we think anything better will appear after what has now been 38 years.

I agree with MS in that the flaws can't mar such a a fantastic performance, and I will go one step further: Since I waited about 38 years to see this, I think it's frickin' fine.

01-02-09, 10:46 PM
got lost in the mix- this video was made by Alan Douglas (lol)