View Full Version : Various FTO and JPIO Please

01-07-09, 12:02 PM
Please help - I am looking for the following FTO and JPIO - someone out there must have them surely..,

Now, I appreciate that some of these have officially released material on them but since I have all of it (and can prove it - I'll send you photos if necessary) I don't feel too bad asking. Also, to quote In From The Storm, the FTO disks "....are however not in any way intended as substitutes for their official counterparts, but merely as supplements to these."

And that's exactly it, all the inter-song chat and other interesting stuff is what I'm after....., I'll trade, B&P, walk your dog, babysit, whatever it takes as long as it's legal.....,

Someone please please help me find......,

He Was a Friend of Ours - Remastered - JPIO 033-034

Rockin' Rehearsals - JPIO 037

Rockin' Rehearsals - Bonus Disc - JPIO 038

American Soul - JPIO-II 029-032
BBC Radio - FTO 008-009
Royal Albert Hall Rehearsals - Composite - FTO 004
The Complete Clark University '68 - FTO 001-002

Thank you.