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Roland Stone
01-10-09, 08:38 PM
Just got back from hearing Leo Branton speak about his legal career. He represented Angela Davis, Nat King Cole and many others. At the end they had a question and answer session. I had my question ready but the guy right before me beat me to it! "Tell us about the Jimi Hendrix case!"

Branton said when Al Hendrix hired him, the Hendrix estate was down to $21,000 and owed hundreds of thousands. Their single largest debt was owed to the Estate of Mike Jeffrey. Al Hendrix hired Branton to contact the New York lawyer representing (Alan Douglas and?) the Hendrix estate. Branton discovered the attorney's partner was Jeffrey's lawyer! Branton threatened to have him disbarred for conflict of interest and he finally gave in.

Branton said he personally travelled the world to recover unreleased tapes for the Estate and took credit for making the Estate profitable again. He also mentioned his son was a producer on some Jimi related projects - I seem to recall seeing the name "Moses Branton" on something - was it "Suspicion/Hot Trigger"?

01-11-09, 01:46 AM
Here's a short piece on Branton with a fairly recent (May 08) photo from the L.A. Sentinel--


After Al sued Douglas and Branton--who Al saw as having betrayed him when he (Branton) tried to sell it all behind Al's back--in '93 and won in '95 they never really spoke again.

Roland Stone
01-11-09, 02:17 AM
Thanks for the link. Can't believe I got his name wrong, but it's corrected now.