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02-10-09, 04:16 AM
Jimi is first recorded singing the verse 'Two old maids' as part of one of his two I'm A Man/Manish Boy composite versions he recorded with "The Squires" in the winter of 65/66 this version also includes two other mystery verses not from either I'm A Man or Manish Boy. He was later recorded singing part of this verse, preceded (at the end of Hound Dog) by part of the 'Stoop Down' chorus, at a small party at his Brook St apartment in London in February 69, his 3rd version which was recorded with Billy & Mitch at Electric Lady in 1970 Has the Two Old Maids verse, another verse 'Old Mother Hubbard' & the 'Stoop Down' chorus, he was also recorded reciting, unacompanied, the 'Old Mother Hubbard' verse ar Electric Lady at this time.

Chick Willis may have released this song earlier with this same title in 1965 on some obscure label as the lyric is near identical, but it could just as well be someone else, or even Jimi. I only have a recording of the 1972 'LaVal' single. This single only has the 'Two old maids' verse common to all three of Jimi's versions and obvously the 'Stoop down, baby' chorus. (Part 2) which is a later release contains the 'Old Mother Hubbard' verse. There are other songs with a very similar 'Two Old Maids' verse which probably influenced the Stoop Down' lyrics: 'Two Old Maids In A Folding Bed’ by Billy Mitchell, ‘Zolo Go’ (1949) and ‘Ain’t It Crazy’ both by Lightnin’ Hopkins, but the lyrics I’ve seen for these don’t feature the ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ verse or 'Stoop down baby' chorus. I've not managed to get hold of any of these yet, if anyone ever gets a copy of any of them, or gets info where we might find them I'm sure some of us (well, me anyway) would be very grateful.

Roland Stone
02-12-09, 10:17 AM
Where can I hear the apartment version you mention?

02-12-09, 12:30 PM
You can hear it on the Albert hall video it comes right after after houndog, it's very short

02-12-09, 11:26 PM
You can hear it also here:
It's at the end of the last track.

03-28-09, 10:16 PM
Got a bit mixed up (sleep deprivation) The Chick Willis single I have appears to be the original 1972 release which has the 'Two Old Maids' verse and the other track without it is from the later LP. I have now got the (Part 2) of the single and it has the missing 'Old Mother Hubbard' verse. (Part two) is from a later release 'Stoopin' Down Baby', or 'The Way Your Stoopin' Down Baby I Can Deal With That'

This song, whatever it's original source, obviously appealed to Jimi very much , as we have 3 versions that span his recording career from very near the beginning almost to the end.

purple jim
03-29-09, 05:03 AM
Where can I hear the apartment version you mention?

Jimi Hendrix - "Hound Dog"

03-31-09, 04:41 PM
Of course this song is also obviously the source for 'Rover' in four of Jimi's other recordings: Fire - 'move over Rover and let Jimi take over' ha-ha-ha! Midnight Lightnin' and 'Houndog'.

purple jim
04-01-09, 12:55 AM
It also interestingly has a bogus life audience.

You are surely talking there about the "Hound Dog" from the BBC Sessions. One of the paticipants in the background yelps was John Peel himself (he said so when he played the song on his radio show in the 70s).

04-01-09, 03:27 AM
No , sorry I wasn't clear, I was talking about Stoop Down Baby. Interesting to hear about JP's involvement in Hound Dog though. Do you know if a tape exists of any of JPs introductions from his Hendrix broadcasts?

purple jim
04-01-09, 06:40 AM
Yes, I have a tape of the 70s transmissions that Peel did, with most of his comments. I remember being there with my finger on the "record" button each week to record the songs, with my heart pounding in case the tape jammed, ran out, or something.
I will dig it out from the cellar and type up his comments if they are interesting enough.

04-01-09, 08:05 AM
Any chance of making a torrent, I'm sure we'd all like a listen?

purple jim
04-01-09, 12:46 PM
I'll see what I can do. It might take me a few days. I might have to do a rapidshare as I have still not mastered this torrent thing !

04-01-09, 01:43 PM
If you do a rapidshare, I could do a torrent of it, if you like?

purple jim
04-01-09, 02:25 PM
Fine, I'll do it in MP3 if that is OK. I also have on cassette the BBC radio documentary "Impressions Of Hendrix" which has comments from Chas, Jeff Beck and Richie Blackmore among others. Has that circulated ?

04-01-09, 02:53 PM
I haven't seen the Impressions doc here, so that would obviously be very welcome too.

It is actually no problem putting up a torrent here, you might want to give it try. I of course will be be more than happy to put these two excellent tapes up if you like. many thanks again purple jim.

07-02-09, 03:07 PM
And for those who are interested Jimi recorded a fourth version I missed, it's on the BOG's Live at the Fillmore DVD. Sounds like Eddie's isolated the vocal track from a version with at least some musical backing, it's just a slightly different version of the Old Mother Hubbard verse again, no Stoop Down chorus.

07-03-09, 08:45 PM
If you could do it as a regular wav or aiff file, that would be better than an mp3. Please, for us audio geeks?