View Full Version : Where i can download Guest Experience?

02-28-09, 04:42 PM
where I can found to download this cd?

Jimi Hendrix Guest Experience

two weeks ago I was downloaded this cd from eMule, but is protected by DRM, and I can't hear it. And I am really interested
please help me!

(sorry, my english is very poor because I am spanish)


Roland Stone
02-28-09, 05:28 PM
Unfortunately not here because all those tracks were officially released at one time or another (even though some are floating around here.)

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Eire Apparent backing tracks were to show up someday - without vocals? (Except of course for Jimi's backing vocals.) But I seem to recall someone knowledgeable saying that the master reels were wiped and re-used by Buddah.

One lp that always eluded my collection was a copy of McGough & McGear. I've heard of them selling for as much as 300 pounds.

02-28-09, 07:17 PM
thanks for your quick reply :(