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03-14-09, 10:58 AM
There's a second soundboard tape of the Royal Albert Hall show (24-2-69).

I almost don't dare to ask........ :homer1:

03-14-09, 04:43 PM
second soundboard tape

What exactly do you mean? :confused:

03-14-09, 04:57 PM
Yes, I will further explain, see for instance:

He Was A Friend Of Ours (JPIO 032 [JPIO Tree (http://home.online.no/~hpjohnse/jpio/tree.htm) 004] / 17.10.2003 / 1CDR)
(Royal Albert Hall, London 24.02.69 [Rehearsals & Show]; 79:24) Stereo Sbd [New Source]; Low Gen (1st or 2nd Gen ?) - Digitally Restored except "Hound Dog" (3) & (4): Mono Sbd [Old Source]; Digitally Restored from the vinyl bootleg "He Was A Friend Of Yours" (ftbfs: B035)
.......................... (skip)
-The Existence of the Royal Albert Hall New Source had been completely unknown to the general public as well as to hardcore collectors until it's rediscovery and subsequent release on this CD late 2003.
........................... (skip)Also seeded on demonoid, it contains the [more?] complete RAH soundcheck and the first three songs of the show with a [more] complete intro ..... but not the rest of the show. I wonder, are there more tracks from the show of this same tape?

03-14-09, 05:20 PM
Well, theres this:

Live at The Royal Albert Hall, 24 February 1969 (Versailles / Sony VER 498 601 2 / 2000 / France)
(Royal Albert Hall, London 24.02.69)

of the second half of the concert, official...

Then theres:

An Evening with The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Purple Haze HAZE 007 / 2005 / 2CD) ftbfs: B774
(Royal Albert Hall, London 24.02.69 [Rehearsals + Complete Show])
- The Rehearsal tracks ["Hear My Train A-Comin'" (61) / "Room Full Of Mirrors" (29) / "Bleeding Heart" (19)] are taken from the New Source.

Both are of the best sound quality i came across and i don't believe it will get a lot better. IMHO both beat 'Listen to this Eric' when it comes to sound quality.

03-14-09, 06:07 PM
Haha! Actually, I own a physical version of this double-CD! (An evening with the Jimi Hendrix Experience)

I was looking for a more complete Albert Hall tape. The ones seeded here have some in-between tune-ups and chatter cut out (in between Hear my Train and I don't live Today, in between Foxy Lady and Sunshine of Your Love and in between Fire and Little Wing).

On the bad sounding bootleg 'Stone Free' (Silver Rarities, SIRA 58/59) you can find a more complete tune-up prior to Sunshine Of Your Love which I never found anywhere else.

Perhaps the New Source is more complete (if it has more than the first three tracks).

Sorry, but I'm a completist. :wave:

03-15-09, 06:02 AM
Thought you were 'only' looking for better sound quality :)