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03-25-09, 01:39 PM
Healing Power (ATM 072-073 / 31.12.1999 / 2CDR)

(Drake Hotel Demos, New York City, NY apr.1968 - Stereo / The Apartment Jams, Jimi's House, Shokan, NY july-aug.1969 [The so-called "Taj Mahal Jams"] / Jam with Mitch Mitchell, Jimi's Apartment, New York City, NY 01.02.70 plus Bruce Fleming Photo Studio, London 19.12.67 [from the film "Experience" aka. "See My Music Talking" (http://home.online.no/%7Ehpjohnse/hendrixoff.html#eh_exp_dvd)] / Outtake 1968 / Home Recording, Jimi's House, Shokan, NY summer 1969) Mostly 1st & 2nd Gen - Digitally Restored

Disc 1: "1983 ... A Merman I Should Turn To Be" (1) / "Long Hot Summer Night" (2, 3) / "1983 ... A Merman I Should Turn To Be" (5) / "Angel" (6) / "Cherokee Mist" (4) / "Hear My Train A-Comin'" (7) / "Voodoo Chile" (11) > "Cherokee Mist" (6) / "Gypsy Eyes" (6, 7) / "Acoustic Jam" (JA17)

Disc 2: "Hear My Train A-Comin' (false start, 4) / "Astro Man" (6) > "Valleys Of Neptune" (25) / JA15 / "Power Of Soul" (39) Jam / "Country Blues" (4) Jam / JA16 / JA14 / "Room Full Of Mirrors" (6) / "Back On The Desert" (aka. "Dance On The Desert") > "Acoustic Medley"

- Notes regarding individual tracks: "1983 ... A Merman I Should Turn To Be" (1): There's a total drop-out near the end of the song on all circulating versions of this recording. This drop-out has been edited out here, and the splice has been smoothed out. "Long Hot Summer Night" (2) through "Gypsy Eyes" (7): Stereo mixes of the complete Drake Hotel Demos; The only previously available version of "Gypsy Eyes" (7) was an incomplete official release. "Long Hot Summer Night" (2) and "Gypsy Eyes" (7) are from a different source than the other Drake Hotel Demo tracks on this set. "Acoustic Jam" (JA17): This version of the jam with Mitch Mitchell may have been de-noised at som point, although this is unclear. "Hear My Train A-Comin' (false start, 4): Light EQ and light denoise has been applied. JA15 through "Room Full Of Mirrors" (6): The Apartment Jams in similar quality as available on ATM 035 "Apartment Jams" (http://home.online.no/%7Ehpjohnse/hendrix.html#apt_jams), but perhaps with a little less hiss and certainly in a different order. The track order here is the same as that on the bootleg "Spicy Essence - Apartment Jam 70" (http://home.online.no/%7Ehpjohnse/hendrix.html#apt) (ftbfs: 400). "Back On The Desert" (aka. "Dance On The Desert") > "Acoustic Medley": This track was originally very hissy, and had to be modified in a way that decreased the hiss without changing the balance. A total of six different mixes with various degree of EQ and noise reduction were made, from which a version with light EQ and "medium" noise reduction was chosen for this set. The complete set of remixes are featured on on a bonus disc to this set.
- Some sources list the recording date and location for the Apartment Jams [aka. the so-called "Taj Mahal Jams"] as Jimi's Apartment, New York City, NY 21.01.70, but it's more likely the recordings were made around the same time as the Woodstock Rehearsals at Jimi's House, Shokan, NY july-aug.1969.
- Jam with Mitch Mitchell 01.02.70 previously available on Bonus Disc with ATM 053 "Beat Monster Concert" (http://home.online.no/%7Ehpjohnse/hendrix.html#btyb_monster).
- Upgrade of portions of the Shokan material is available on ATM 221-223 Rev A "Gypsy Suns and Rainbows: Shokan - Jammin' Back at the House" (http://home.online.no/%7Ehpjohnse/hendrix.html#shokan_3cd).
- Upgrade of the Drake Hotel Demos are available on ATM 236-237 "Electric Ladyland: The Apartment Recordings". (http://home.online.no/%7Ehpjohnse/hendrix.html#EL_apt) Bonus Disc [Rejected Alternate versions]: Home Recording, Jimi's House, Shokan, NY summer 1969: 1 straight and 6 different modified versions of "Back On The Desert" (aka. "Dance On The Desert") > "Acoustic Medley", incl. one version lifted from "Monster" (http://home.online.no/%7Ehpjohnse/hendrix.html#boot_monster) (ftbfs: B613) - Low Gen - Digitally Restored (Various EQ & denoising attempts)
Tracklist: "Back On The Desert" (aka. "Dance On The Desert") > "Acoustic Medley": 1. RM Remix #1; Original version noise reduced / 2. RM Remix #2; Original version noise reduced & EQ'd / 3. "Monster" (http://home.online.no/%7Ehpjohnse/hendrix.html#boot_monster) version / 4. Digitally restored version (minor clicks & drop-outs removed) / 5. SH Remix #1; Light version (digitally restored, light denoising) / 6. SH Remix #2; Extreme version (digitally restored, extreme denoising & medium EQ) / 7. SH Remix #3; Medium version (digitally restored, medium denoising & light EQ)


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Looks great! Thanks man.

03-26-09, 06:21 PM
As far as I remember, there were problems with track 4 on disc 2 of this ATM release. In the days when I first come by this title I couldn't find a clean copy (5 or 6 years ago).
The errors started around 16.00 and lasted nearly 'till the end of the track
(around 30.00 - if I remember correctly).
Is this version clean?
If not, does anyone knows if the clean one exists at all?

03-26-09, 06:28 PM
I just checked..it seems to be clean :)

02-16-17, 03:44 PM
I'm trying to get past 29% on this one . Can anyone help, please.
Thank you in advance.

02-19-17, 07:14 AM
could`nt open the file error on it

uncle carmi
06-06-17, 02:38 AM
Can anyone send this to me? Or give me an active torrent where I can download it. The tracker has been down for weeks and I've been looking for this all over the web to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

07-14-17, 02:31 PM
Looking for a seeder. Anybody help me out?