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04-06-09, 01:43 AM
I can't find it in the documentation, so can someone explain why the Mannish Boy and Singing The Blues In NYC are included in the Studio 69 torrent separately? Is there anything on there that's not on one of the other 15 discs?

Awesome set, by the way!


04-08-09, 09:13 PM
Hey Jerry!

You have me trying to remember things from 5 years ago! LOL! I'm getting older but I'll see if I can get the brain going and answer this. As soon as I compiled the track candidates for any of the past three Studio Series sets, copies of the test tracks along with the liner notes were sent to Willjamz of the Astroman Yahoo group. As he finds time, he listens to the tracks looking for errors I may have missed. He also double checks the liner notes looking for spelling and grammar errors. While he's busy with quality control, I'm playing with the artwork at this point.

While working with the tracks he noticed that the Mannish Boy Sessions from April 22nd, 1969 and Record Plant Session on September 6th, 1969 were some of the longest on the new set. He came up with the idea of just releasing these dates as bonus discs for Studio '69. Collectors discs looking at specific dates had been done before like the Voodoo Sessions of May 2nd & 3rd, 1968 and In The Studio January 23rd, 1970 to name a couple off the top of the head.

His original intention was to put each session on one disc. Singing the Blues In New York City clocked in at 78:39 so there was Bonus Disc 1. The Mannish Boy Sessions clocked in at almost 93 minutes. Since he was wanting to put this on one disc, Will cut out what silent parts he could plus some of the really small False Starts. I think his first outing came in around 79:30. That's really pushing the outer limits of an 80 minute disc so he reedited to two discs. The final version came in as two discs but he left in the option of having the single disc or double disc set. Since these same tracks span 4 discs on Studio '69 and the sets are designed to fit in double jewel cases, the bonus discs allow you to just pull 2 CDs and listen to those two dates only. If you happen to be jamming in a car, it sure beats dragging half of Studio '69 set with you just to listen to the same tracks! LOL!

Everything on the Bonus Discs are exactly the same as on the full set unless you opt to burn the single disc version of the Mannish Boy Sessions.

Hope this answers your question. If not, feel free to give me a shout.


Denny :)