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04-20-09, 04:11 AM
Hello All...
I am looking for info about a JHE show at a club in Stockport, Cheshire.
The show took place on February 12, 1967..The club was called...
Sinking Ship Clubland. I would love to know if there are any Pics..or Audio/Video of this performance.
Thank You.

04-21-09, 08:54 AM
There's a photo (possibly) in Ben Valkhoff's book 'Eywitness 1966-67' on page 32. My scanner's broken though.

09-23-09, 02:22 AM
A little late with a response ( 1st post) http://www.manchesterbeat.com/venues/stockport/sinkingship/sinkingship.php

09-30-09, 05:32 PM
A little late with a response ( 1st post) http://www.manchesterbeat.com/venues/stockport/sinkingship/sinkingship.php

Never too late. Many thanks to you (& Bernard Roberts - obviously a stone groover) for this most enjoyable 60's info. Would be great to get some more out of him. Madchester the town that saved live band music in the electro age. An OASIS! indeed. copifunk - If there's a photo it's a f-in' miracle - video/sound - in your dreams (we live in hope;-).

09-30-09, 06:43 PM
More on The Sinking Ship gig, Taken from here http://www.pacificdrift.co.uk/larrythemusician/aboutwimplewinch/index.shtml

Hendrix and the Winch

Despite rapidly starting to attract punters to the club, it seemed a good idea to try and book a major chart act to really launch the club, however acts that were even reasonably 'famous' were charging prohibitive fees for an appearance. However one agent we knew suggested a 'new' band who were due to have the first single released and proposed a deal whereby although a basic affordable fee was agreed, that fee would increase if the record charted and continue to rise dependant on it's chart position when the band appeared at the club. At first, Mike Carr was worried that he should have spent more on a 'name' but several weeks later. 'Hey Joe' was in the top 10 and so to a full house, Wimple Winch supported The Jimi Hendrix Experience and between us did a gig that well and truly got the venue, and ourselves,well and truly established.
Afterwards , (Hendrix had arrived seperately by train) we drove him back into Manchester and took him to a well know watering hole were we whiled away a couple of hours drinking and talking music until his train was due in. When we last saw him on the platform boarding that early morning express to London, he was locked in a bit of a tiff with his girlfriend as he dissapeared into the carraige, afro, cape and all. For weeks afterwards, the sound he created echoed around the place, despite one band member who actually thought that we had blown Hendrix away!! Needless to say I disagreed and could only remember wondering how big could he actually become? His influence was immediate though as I noticed everyone turned up the volume a few notches after that night and this move in itself injected more life into our music,

http://www.pacificdrift.co.uk/bm%7Epix/mont-2%7Es300x3000.jpg (http://www.pacificdrift.co.uk/bm%7Epix/mont-2%7Es600x600.jpg)