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04-28-09, 09:35 AM
I'm looking for the 9/2/70 show that has Jimi playing two songs more or less. This was not a good night for Jimi but need it to complete a cd I'm working on.This wouldn't be a very big tape or file since it was only these tracks:

Freedom/Message To Love/Hey Baby (Land Of The New Rising Sun)

These were on the Whoopy Kat release of Live At The LA Forum 1970

The Venue/date: Vejlby Risskov Hallen Arhus, Denmark September 2nd 1970

Also anyone have any info about the time between 9/6/70 and 9/16/70? Wonder if any tapes exist of Jimi playing around this time.Would be cool if something was unearthed.

04-28-09, 01:09 PM
Over here:

04-29-09, 06:30 AM
DoctorGero answers your first question; for recordings after Fehmarn, as far as I know there might be an interview or two but the only music is here:


05-07-09, 02:35 AM
Yea The Keith Altham interview and that's it. No known tapes have ever popped up of him in this period I guess. He was in Europe so guess there's little chance of studio outtakes for the albums. Sept 6 1970 was my 4th birthday. I've always thought it was interesting about that. His last show.
I'll always play and teach as long as I live and show kids the Genius of this Man.

05-07-09, 02:37 AM
Thanx kindly for the Risskov show. Will be cool to hear again and see what happened and complete my CD.