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05-24-09, 07:00 AM
Currently I have been listening to the 10 CD Jimi Hendrix in the Studio. What a great collection this is. Pulled from many sources including the Southerby tapes and Mitch Mitches collection these are some really nice high quality tracks preserved as FLAC. Not much new material but man its so refreshing to hear good solid studio cuts in a fresh order. Some of the material, although not new regarding source, was still new to my ears. Nice running order and great artwork. Notes were hard to track down but I finally did. Valleys of Neptunes is a GREAT epic song. Kinda like 1993... meets All Along the Watchtower I recently claimed that about 90% of the relevant material to his last album was finished however this track is still in demo form. So far I have only listened to the 69 demo on disc 1 of In the Studio. Man what a lovely song. I'm so hung up and sad over the last album not getting properly finished by Jimi, It was going to be so great. When I listen to Miles Davis's Tribute to Jack Johnson I hear exaclty the kind of ideas Jimi was working on but in a much more grand way [Jimis ideas]-THink of injecting the soul and sounds of Have You Ever Been TO ELectric LAdyLand into Miles's Bitches Brew or JAck Johnson. God I wish Jimi would have seen it through. SOme things are destiny but I think it was a cosmic mistake that Hendrix's last album was unfinished. Look at the plastic state of music today and the poor image of Jimi in the MEdia (which is just now being corrected somewhat)...

Anyway, sorry to ramble of a rainy Sunday morning. I'm gonna go play guitar now. BUT PLEASE someone kind please keep seeding the LA Forum 1970 show through today at least! I'l continue to post my finds as I gather them and eventualy maybe I'll hit on something you guys would like me to share.