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The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Gulf Stream Race Track (Miami Pop Festival), Miami, FL, May 18, 1968


1. Foxy Lady
2. Fire
3. Hear My Train A Comin
4. Purple Haze

Length: 21mins (incomplete)

Gen: SBD > ??? > CDR > wav (EAC) > shn (mkw)

Quality: Excellent Soundboard (9.5), some slight tape hiss.

This is a great soundboard fragment featuring the JHEXP at their best. Unfortunately it is incomplete (this is all that has surfaced) but it is still worth checking out for the excellent sound (and there is not that much excellent sounding Jimi material from early 1968 out there) and great performance.

Check out the Axis for a detailed review: http://www.digitalhighway.co.uk/axis/reviews/1059.asp


M. Jake

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May 18, 1998 marks 30 years since The Experience's appearance at the Miami Pop Festival. A tape survives of only four songs from the show. Miami was apparently intended to be recorded for a live album, and the available tape is indeed an excellent soundboard recording. The stereo imaging is strange, with drums on one side, bass on the other, and Jimi guitar and vocals more or less center. The drum sound in particular is outstanding- nice, as Mitch is usually the first to suffer from audience tapes, not usually being mic'ed through the PA. The mix fluctuates a bit, with vocal and guitar levels fading out at times, and various amounts of reverb being added. I'd like to think that this is evidence of a rough mix from a multitrack tape that (one can always hope) still exists somewhere!! A couple of notes on the songs from Miami:

* 'Foxy Lady' goes a bit longer than usual before vocals enter, otherwise a fairly typical reading

* 'Fire' cooks nicely and benefits greatly from the crisp drum recording- the tempo is fast and really shows off Mitch's chops! Coming out of Jimi's first solo, the band lose each other for a moment, and Jimi keeps right on soloing through what would normally be the next verse, catching up to the vocals the next time around...

* 'Hear my Train' the second regular concert appearance (save an early BBC take). In fact, Jimi introduces it by saying "..this is the second time we've played this...just a slow jam.." then you can hear him, off mic, saying to Mitch and Noel "...this is that thing we were doing in E, y'know da, da, da, dada da...". The song is still taking shape and wanders a little. It's fairly slow, though Mitch kicks it into double-time at a couple of points. Also, they don't consistently do the 'stop' in the verse or the chord change in the chorus.

* 'Purple Haze' a pretty straight reading, and the last song of set as you hear the band say goodbye, followed by somebody trying to convince the crowd to be cooperative as they've gone overtime...

Couple of other things about Miami Pop:

* Apparently filmed in whole or part by ABC-TV, some footage was used for the Jimi obit 9/70 but all film went missing soon after.

* The late Linda Eastman (McCartney) travelled with the band and photographed them on and off stage in Miami (also streaked blonde into Jimi's hair!)

* Much of the fest was rained out, and Eddie Kramer, on scene supposedly to engineer the multitrack recording, tells the story of Jimi writing "Rainy Day, Dream Away..." in his notebook during a car ride in the rain.

* Miami Pop was co-produced by Michael Lang, who would go on to have a part in the Woodstock fest the following year. He tells an amusing, but probably untrue, story of Jimi renting a helicopter to get to the Miami show, and making his entrance onstage directly down a ladder from the chopper! Then again, Jimi *was* a Screaming Eagle in the 101st Airborne...

* Apparently all the performers from the fest stayed at one hotel, The Castaway, and many jammed in the hotel bar, including Jimi, John Lee Hooker, Frank Zappa, and others. Now where is THIS tape ?!?

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