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02-25-08, 09:30 PM
Thanks demonoid's uploader, here is the orig. info: :82cfc67d3dd9b9c3ad1
More Jimi Yeah !

Jimi Hendrix - Studio Haze (FLAC)

STUDIO HAZE (INA6 93-19171) 72:42
IN FLAME (Six Pack JHCD 071)
OUTAKES & STUDIO SESSIONS (Genuine Pig TGP-CD-088) 76:04


01 - Takin' Care of Business
02 - Cryin' Blue Rain
03 - Lover Man
04 - There Ain't Nothin' Wrong
05 - Room Full of Mirrors
06 - Look Over Yonder
07 - Sunshine of Your Love
08 - Shame, Shame, Shame
09 - Cat Talkin' to Me
10 - Freedom
11 - Lover Man
12 - Untitled Instrumental (Valleys of Neptune)
13 - Untitled Instrumental (Freedom)
14 - Dolly Dagger
15 - Bleeding Heart
16 - Earth Blues
17 - Ezy Rider
18 - Izabella
19 - Ezy Rider
20 - Room Full of Mirrors


Silver ---> WAV (EAC v0.9b4)---> FLAC (FLAC v1.12)


Excellent sound & excellent unreleased tracks.


Another in the series of bootlegs that are gems
containing many tracks for the first time ever, much
less the first time on compact disc!! In Flame is a
direct lift from SH!! Outakes & Studio Sessions is a very,
very poor copy of SH but it does contain an extra track
(Come On Part 1).



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Thanks Pancho ~ nice upload !

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Thank you.

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Thanks for the seed! Steve

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Merci beaucoup

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thanks a lot, my ratio will be down ! :rimshot:

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maybe one of the best EVER bootleg....

Sure all here knows this story....just for the yougsters!!!:-)

the story goes (thanx to Univibes) Chas Chandler .re-recorded
Mitch and Noel in 1988 over mastertapes he just had from Olimpic studios archive.....Noel took one day , Mitch spent a week over it
(Noel seez that in a MUSICIAN 1990 interview)
(and those are the first 9 songs of this cd...)

So Chas send a tape to Kramer to " hey! give it a listen!!!"
(kramer wote about this songs on his book)
..but the very next year this stuff went directly in a Boot cd..

so we have Jimi 1969 with Noel and Mitch re-recorded in 1988
nice songs anyway!!!

09-11-08, 05:45 PM
thanx for the music pancho! and thanx for the info long!

Herman Cherusken
10-21-08, 09:03 PM
I have found this " Studio Haze (Genuine Pig TGP-CD-088)[Cat No. INA6 93-19171] FLAC" torrent to be corrupted or erronuous.

Its listed as having 20 songs but it downloads 19, and song 11 is listed as 'Lover Man' but is titled 'Untitled Instrumental (Valleys of Neptune)' in the download. So most songs - if not all - are screwed after 10 Freedom. So my 19 Room Full of Mirrors is not what it says but is Eazy Rider, etc...

My downloaded listing:

01 Takin' Care of Business
02 Cryin' Blue Rain
03 Lover Man
04 There Ain't Nothin' Wrong
05 Room full of Mirrors
06 Look Over Yonder
07 Sunshine of Your Love
08 Shame, Shame, Shame
09 Cat Talkin' to Me
10 Freedom
11 Untitled Instrumental (Valleys of Neptune)
12 Untitled Instrumental (Freedom)
13 Dolly Dagger
14 Bleeding Heart
15 Earth Blues
16 Ezy Rider
17 Izabella
18 Ezy Rider
19 Room Full of Mirrors

I spoke to ilovejimi about this, as he has the correct torrent and will make an upload when gets around to it. So this torrent can be pulled, to not spread corrupted torrents...

10-22-08, 06:28 AM
There is two version of this bootleg.

10-23-08, 10:59 AM
There is two version of this bootleg.
Maybe you are right, I don't know if there exist a physical version of 20 tracks, I only found 19 tracks, it seems the bootleg is defective, as stated in this page: http://www.geocities.com/hendrix-jimi/166.html
where says:
Quality is very good throughout, these definitely came from low generation sources. A few minor tech issues: the track cueing between the two Untitled Instrumental tracks is off somewhat, resulting in part of the second song being on the end of the first (the song isn't interupted at least, thankfully). And there's no track break between the last two tracks. But these are minor problems at worse, the important thing is the music is here, and intact. A very good CD, even for the newer Hendrix fan.

Of course the audio can be manipulated for repairing , and/or if a good CD does exist, it can be uploaded. The Upload here has the Rip Log, 19 tracks w/o errors..

10-23-08, 11:05 AM
in another page I found about this comment:
A special mention here for this bootleg which contained outtakes that were revisited in 1988 by Chas Mitch and Noel ! It seems that some boxes of tapes were found at Olympic Studios, so Chas was contacted and he then brought in the Experience rhythm section in order to patch up some takes. The notes below are from a Univibes article on the subject.
Tracks 10 to 20 were taken from some tapes that Billy Cox had recuperated.


After I compiled the correct information for the names of the 19 tracks we have in this upload (supposedly on the disc too):

01. TAKING CARE OF NO BUSINESS 4:07 [1967.05.04.Olympic Studios Added in 1988: Noel's bass, tuba & sax]
02. GYPSY BLOOD aka: CRYIN BLUE RAIN 2:40 [1969.02.26.Olympic Studios Added in 1988: Mitch's drums, Noel's bass]
03. LOVER MAN 4:36 [February 1969.Olympic Studios Added in 1988: Mitch's drums, Noel's bass]
04. LITTLE ONE 3:55 [1968.01.26, w/ Dave Mason on sitar. Added in 1988: Mitch's Drums, Noel's bass (?)
05. ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS 2:30 [1969.02.14-16.Olympic Studios Added in 1988: Mitch's drums, Noel's bass]
06. MR BAD LUCK (Look over yonder) 2:57 [1967.05.04, added in 1988: Noel's bass (?)]
07. THE SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE 5:36 [February 1969.Olympic Studios. Added in 1988: Mitch's drums, Noel's bass]
08. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME 1:55 [February 1969.Olympic Studios Added in 1988: Mitch's drums, Noel's bass & rhythm guitar (?)]
09. CAT TALKIN TO ME 2:40 [January 1968 or February 1969. Added in 1988: Mitch's drums, Noel's bass]

10. FREEDOM 4:01 [1970.05.15 Record Plant]
11. LOVER MAN 2:58 [1970.05.15 Record Plant]
12. VALLEYS OF NEPTUNE 4:31[1970.05.15 Electric Lady Studios] / FREEDOM 2:00 of 4:20 split//
13. //split FREEDOM 2:20 of 4:20[Instrumental, 1970.05.15 Electric Lady Studios]
14. DOLLY DAGGER 4:02 [Outtake, 1970.07.01 Electric Lady Studios]
15. BLEEDING HEART 3:13 [Outtake, 1970.03.24]
16. EARTH BLUES 4:15 [Outtake, 1969.12.19 Record Plant + additional recordings: 1970.01.20]
17. EZY RIDER 3:47 [Outtake, 1969.12.18]
18. IZABELLA 2:57 [29 Aug 1969 + 7 Oct 1969 with B. Miles and Billy Rich on bass]
19. EZY RIDER 4:20 [December 1969 Record Plant, includes a short false start, different lyrics] / ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS 3:17 [Outtake, 1969.11.17]

Herman Cherusken
10-24-08, 02:33 AM
If you count the song listing on the back art cover, it lists 20 songs. ilovejimi apparently has the correct - non corrputed - version, which apparently has Come On (Part One) as the final song, although its not listed on the art cover. When he gets around to it, and have figured out the upload technicalities, he will post it...

Hard to wait though, until I can listen to the real deal...

04-30-09, 02:49 PM
Awsome, Love the "Room full of Mirrors " version in this one.

purple jim
05-01-09, 04:40 AM
I think the tuba and sax work well on "Takin' Care Of No Business". We imagine that Jimi and Chas had considered their inclusion at the outset. The original tape is also great (MCA 2000 box) where Jimi mouths the brass parts.

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thanks poncho, it fits right into our already corrupt world, so i like it

12-30-11, 02:41 PM
Thanks! Time to at last do comparing to my Outtakes & Studio Sessions cd.

Roland Stone
12-30-11, 06:56 PM
18. IZABELLA 2:57 [29 Aug 1969 + 7 Oct 1969 with B. Miles and Billy Rich on bass]

Really? Billy Rich on bass? Or is that supposed to read Billy Cox? If its Billy Rich I will ask him if he can remember anything about the session.

12-31-11, 09:30 AM
Actually according to http://home.earthlink.net/~ldouglasbell/jimi.htm (http://home.earthlink.net/%7Eldouglasbell/jimi.htm) it's of course Billy Cox
If there's any interest to OUTTAKES AND STUDIO SESSIONS (The Genuine Pig/CD TGP-CD-088) with additional track (Let The Good Times Roll (Come On)) and correct track order I could upload it.

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can somebody please reseed?


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thank you for the reseed! can't wait to give it a listen!