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06-01-09, 10:54 AM
Hi everyone.
i'm sorry i can't bring you what i heard, and the result is that i'm asking you if someone knows what i'm talking about.
in 1998 or 1999 i guess, i used to record a videotape of the woodstock movie, wich wasn't as complete as the one of michael wadleigh, with hendrix in the end, but not every titles.

in the beginning of the movie, i could hear on this videotape a version of new rising sun, played like little wing, very beautiful, perhaps recorded with the blackflag marshall, like for axis.

i'm sorry not to find back my videotape to let you hear the end of this song, as i recorded this as it was allready playing on tv, on "arte", in france.

the song, as a generic of beginning, ends on a picture of the white colom , standing on the neck of a guitar, but before that, it was a white colomb, flying slowly. the wadleigh movie i could see today is really different.

in this movie i can remember this guy with teeth gone, calling for soup or something. some exact same scenes happening in this movie.

do you know what i'm talking about ? it's been 10 years that i want to search for this version of jimi, and i can't find it. to me, it's just magic, i prefer this version to any other.

also, something interesting : in the movie of m.wadleigh, there's the intro of the star splanged banner, with a great distortion and feebacks from this 69 era marshall. and ... well, the way it is played looks so much like jimi, but strangely it ends like if it was played in a studio, not coming from the real concert of woodstock, it's really strange. and it leads me to wonder if jimi did this for the movie, no one knowing about that, or even if a nice guitarist played this with jimi settings ... in this intro, there's an explosion. maybe you know what i mean. but well, it isn't the movie introduction i was talking about , for new rising sun ( or rainbow bridge, as you like , same riff, but played different ) .

thanks guys, i hope you know what i'm talking about.

by the way, when i was twelve, i started playing guitar on a strat that jimi owned ; ) i didn't even know who he was, and i discovered him with the band of gypsies first. now i'm 28 and i'm building soon a marshall 69 era, thick tone.


06-03-09, 07:32 AM
I know what you mean. In my opinion the tune was not played by Jimi. Wasn't that show edited/directed by Alan Douglas?

06-05-09, 09:17 AM
Thanks a lot doc,
sorry for not replying earlyer, i thought i would receive a mail saying i had a message.

at least someone see what i mean, that's cool. well, if it was alan douglas i don't know ... but that could explain the title not played by jimi.
that's interesting to see that at the time ( it was maybe the same guy for the movie of michael wadleigh , in the intro, playing a short intro of star splanged banner and then stops. this can't be from the concert, totaly, but it sounds very very nice, very nice settings, and a univibe in stereo, just a magic sound ) , they had a guy who could play some jimi stuffs that well, with a great tone taste.

i'll see if i can find something about woodstock by alan douglas, but i'm not sure to find.

when did you see that version of the movie yourself ?

thanks again

06-06-09, 09:58 PM
I think you're referring to the mini series, "Woodstock Diaries" which aired on the Showtime network in 1994 for Woodstock '94. I was 12/13 years old when seeing that. This was produced with Douglas' "Gravity" production company with the assistance of Warner Bros and Michael Wadleigh.

And if I recall, I think it's an edit/new remix of the Berkeley 2nd set version of 'New Rising Sun.' And I say remix being that AD was always into remixing live Hendrix to sound current but having still having that vintage feel. Look to the The JH Concerts for evidence of such of Alan's tendency to remix a concert to sound of the time of its release.

06-07-09, 07:52 AM
oh, yes, that really might be ! with cuts and editing, and the end of the song, it really should be this one ... it's been 10 years that i didn't hear this. But i'd love to hear the editing of this song, wich was really great. it was a very nice synthesis new rising sun magic, with a great superlead tone, a bit like little wing studio version. and the univibe plays well in many parts of the song.

you're very strong , a lot of knowledge, thanks a lot. thanks both of you.

yes, it's not the woodstock diaries i got on a dvd, more complete than this one like you say, i'd lke to find this back, and see this with the wite colomb flying. i was a teenage when i saw this and it made me dream ; )

for the star splanged banner, this is the other theory that can explain the end of the riff, it must be also an editing of the song, with overdubs of feedbacks perhaps, and a different end rather than continuing the song.
alan douglas is lucky to have the tapes of each instrument alone ; )