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02-27-08, 04:01 PM
from buddymiles.com


It is with tremendous sadness that we must share with all Buddy's fans around the world that Buddy passed away peacefully and quietly at his home last night (Tuesday, February 26, 2008) in Austin, Texas surrounded by his family. Buddy will be greatly missed as a wonderful person and as a truly gifted musician who gave so much to so many through the years.

The family ask for your prayers and that you respect their privacy. A tribute show will be announced within a short period of time and all are welcome to come and share in the magic that was Buddy Miles.

Fans, friends and family will all join in a celebration of the life and music of this talented and big hearted musician, so we hope everyone can be a part of this fond farewell.

God Bless each of you, Buddy truly appreciated EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU.

02-27-08, 05:23 PM
R.I.P. Buddy. You gave us some killer beats to remember you from...

02-27-08, 10:37 PM
I sensed this was coming, but I am still shocked and saddened to hear it. I loved everything he played on and send my thoughts to the family. RIP Buddy, you'll be missed.

12-31-14, 02:05 PM
I always thought if you could take the best of Buddy Miles drumming, and the best of Mitch Mitchell and you would have the best drummer on planet earth and beyond. A style you could call Thunder & Lightning.

01-01-15, 07:26 AM
The fusion of Mitch and Buddy is my personal Fusion hero, Billy Cobham. Happy 2015 everybody!