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06-09-09, 08:16 AM
I'm interested in collecting all of the studio outtakes I can of Jimi Hendrix. I know that two different "labels" have collected them, namely ATM and ITL. My questions are, does anyone here have both? Has anyone compared the two series for quality and completeness? Which is the better of the two series to get? Thanks for any replies!

06-09-09, 09:10 AM
Never heard about the ITL label so far. What is that?

06-09-09, 10:49 AM
ITL stands for Is this Legal? A label put together by, supposedly, someone named WillJamz. Here are two links to some of the things I have looked at

The 1969 studio recordings:

The 1967 Studio recordings:

...they are supposedly complete like the ATM releases, I just wanted to know if anyone had compared the two. Thanks!

06-09-09, 11:30 AM
They're all inter-related. ATM is the series of Hendrix with as LITTLE human intervention as possible. As in a digital xfer of Studio Outtakes or a concert with no EQ'ing or Mastering of any kind.
Will is a good friend from over at JPIO [Jimi Pass It On] which is a 'Trade/Vine' group & is a very good place to get Hendrix if your UL/DL finesse is either lacking or you have throttled internet connections.
A very good companion to CTT & a great place to make many new friends.
Some of the 'Is this Legal' series CD's have been arranged to a particular person's liking, [example] perhaps they wanted to have every live version of SCM Hendrix did live and they wanted to have them all in one place.
Some of the other CTT'ers can give you a better idea of the differences but this should get you started.

Here is JPIO addresses:
Sign up for free & check it out. Recordings, Pics, Stories, U name it :)

Here's one of mine I mistakenly listed as FTO [For Trade Only] but was pointed out by a good friend to actually be an ITL release.
Read the explanations at the post.

Basically if it wasn't officially released, it was put together by people who care LOTS [about 90% of the time]. . . .

Peace :homer1: