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07-17-09, 04:47 AM
Hello! Is there anyone who could seed this one? I understand it is the clearest source..?

Stora Scenen, Grona Lund, Stockholm 31.8.1970 - Source 4 (Collector's Disc <MO> / 10.01.2007 / 2CDR)
(Stora Scenen, Gröna Lund, Stockholm 31.08.70 [Almost Complete Show * - 4th Source (Recorded by PN)]; 43:26 / 37:37) Aud; Master - Digitally Restored & Speed corrected (Detailed lineage & info: Philips (or Dux) cassette recorder with accompanying microphone > Master Philips C-90 CC (Source 4, PN) > Nakamichi Dragon (azimuth adjusted manually) > EQ (bass attenuation) > DAT (Sony TCD-D8) > PC (S/PDIF, SB Audigy 2 Pt) > Sound Forge (some editing incl. slight SF NR and pitch correction to Eb tuning (synchronized with JPIO-II 065-066 "Primitive Voices" (http://home.online.no/%7Ehpjohnse/hendrix.html#1st_complete)). Numerous start- and stop sounds from the tape recorder have also been deleted.) > CD Architect > CDR.)
[* The recording was paused between songs, so most of the tune-ups, talking and the beginning of some songs weren't recorded.]

Thanks if it is possible!

07-18-09, 11:43 PM
Oops! It appears as if this source is already in my collection, and was merely overlooked....I'll try to upload it to this tracker.

Might take some time, as I've never started a torrent before...