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07-19-09, 04:21 PM
Experience (ATM 227-228)

Royal Albert Hall, London
February 24, 1969
Stereo Soundboard - New Source


Upgrade of ATM 220 "Royal Albert Hall Rehearsals" featuring additional material

Extraordinary Archives Traded Material series of the highest quality Hendrix recordings available in traders' circuits.
All recordings in the ATM series are taken from the lowest generation masters available, and they have all been digitally restored unless otherwise indicated.

Thanks to Hans-Peter Johnsen

Disc 1 - Rehearsals:
1. Hey Joe
2-6. Hound Dog
7-8. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
9-10. Hear My Train A-Comin'
11. Tune Up
12-16. Room Full Of Mirrors
17-19. Bleeding Heart
20. Message To Love

Disc 2 - Show:
1. Intro
2. Lover Man
3. Stone Free
4. Hear My Train A-Comin'

This is Jimi Hendrix stream of 106 torrents, totalling to 230 CDs, including many upgrades and a great deal of torrents previously unavailable at PR Torrents. The idea is to gather at one place all relevant recordings and collections of the complete studio and the most of live materials, omitting only hard-to-listen audience recordings.

All relevant informations on ATM series and Hendrix bootlegs, including detailed tracklists, on Hans-Peter Johnsen's In From The Storm site:

# Experience (ATM 227-228 / 06.04.2004 / 2CDR)
(Royal Albert Hall, London 24.02.69 [Rehearsals & Show]; 51:59 / 30:12) Stereo Sbd [New 2003 Source]; Low Gen (Master or 1st Gen ?) (Straight transfer)
Disc 1: Rehearsals: "Hey Joe" (49); 4:28 / "Hound Dog" (try outs #1-3, 3, 4); 0:51, 0:46, 1:18, 4:03, 5:53 / "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" (46, 47); 1:12, 1:15 / "Hear My Train A-Comin'" (18, 61); 4:58, 9:32 / "Ezy Rider" Riff; 0:30 / "Room Full Of Mirrors" (25-29); 2:49, 0:24, 2:16, 0:44, 4:11 / "Bleeding Heart" (17-19); 0:30, 1:19, 4:39 / "Message To Love" (58); 0:21
Disc 2: Show: Intro; 3:26 / "Lover Man" (15); 4:26 / "Stone Free" (13); 12:12 / "Hear My Train A-Comin'" (19); 10:08
- Upgrade of ATM 220 "Royal Albert Hall Rehearsals" featuring additional material; ATM 220 "Royal Albert Hall Rehearsals" was made from a cassette copy of the original Reel-to-Reel tape, while this is a Digital Clone of the same Reel-to-Reel tape. No leakage from unrelated audio source is present in this transfer.
- Speed corrected version of this material is available as part of JPIO 033-034 "He Was a Friend of Ours - Remastered".
- Speed corrected & EQ'd version is available on JPIO 037 "Rockin' Rehearsals" and JPIO 038 "Rockin' Rehearsals - Bonus Disc".
- Refer to UniVibes issue 47, p.3-7 and Jimpress issue 77, p.34-36 for comprehensive reviews of this tape.
- http://home.online.no/~hpjohnse/hendrix.html

Special Thanks to Pink Robert for sharing!

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I already got it but special thanks for sharing this one Paul..it's a must to have

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fucking great

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Nice! I've never heard of this... not that I'm an authority.
Thanks very much.

Man this is great!!!

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thanks for sharing. :p

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thank you!!

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Many thanks for this one!:000-thanx:

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Thanks a lot for "the master".

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Thanks a lot for "the master".

This came from Pink Robert. I can assure you it's NOT "the master". :rolleyes:

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Hi together,

why do I get the Message "Failure: unregistered torrent pass" ?

purple jim
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Very interesting these soundchecks. Correct me if I am wrong but these are the only Experience soundchecks that we have. The band are really working hard to get their act together. It was reported that after the February 18th gig, Chas found the show so weak, he said that if he had been in charge, he would have sacked Mitch and Noel on the spot ! So here they are getting their senses together ready for gig number two at the Albert Hall. There is some great playing in there.

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thank-you can wait to hear it

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Thank you ! It's fantastic for me to hear more of this Royal Albert Hall Rehearsals,
Jimi is the best!

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Another beauty i was allowed to grab, thanks all, i LOVE this place!
BTW, I'll keep this seeded for a while... :)

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Would this be the same as "Listen To This Eric"?

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isn't listen to this eric, BERKLEY?

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Thank you very much!