View Full Version : Jimi Hendrix Tapes & Acetate Auction

08-04-09, 01:28 PM

08-04-09, 01:32 PM
Holy crap dude! That's amazing! Although I think most of them can already be found circulating, it's still awesome because they're from Eddie Kramer's personal collection. Or maybe they aren't in circulation. oO

purple jim
08-04-09, 02:03 PM
That "Side A" of a Ghetto Fighters album with Jimi is intriguing !

08-04-09, 04:55 PM
and dude....it sold for just 250 bucks???? where were we?

08-05-09, 08:39 PM
I think the "Jimi backup" they are referring to may mean that the "Ghetto Fighters" backed up Jimi. After all, the album has a date listing of 1972 and of course, Jimi checked out a couple years before...so far as I know the only Ghetto Fighters stuff with Jimi is the "Mojo man" tune that was posted over at EH. Nothing really spectacular there. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe this is a Ghetto Fighters session with Jimi, but I would've thought we would've heard something by now...

purple jim
08-06-09, 02:50 AM
Thee is supposed to be an album's worth of tracks. There was a rumour a short while back that it is being prepared for release.