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08-11-09, 02:13 AM
Just surfed dimeadozen and noticed to interesting comments to a posting of the "A Session" bootleg.

First, regarding the track Session Thing:

"As for the personnel on "Session Thing," I have always been amazed that no one comments on that fact that a bassist can be clearly heard--and a very good bassist at that(...) All I know is that he or she sounds a lot like Jack Casady of the Airplane and that at 17:43 of the track the bassist starts playing the bass line from the Airplane's "Bear Melt."

So it sounds like it might be Jack Casady on there, right?

Secondly, a friend of the bass player Stafford James posted this:

"BTW, any Hendrix afficianados here happen to know where one can find a particular obscure house jam party recording in NY sometime in '70 I believe. Other players were Juma Santos, Sam Rivers, Billy Cox, Stafford James, Mike Ephron & possibly Jerry Velez. Stafford told me it was recorded and looking for a copy. He just moved to Chicago from Paris."

This must surely have taken place at the "Shokan" house, and "Juma Santos" must be Juma Sultan (Jumma Santos played with Miles Davis etc., though). I've asked the poster to ask Stafford more.