View Full Version : Mitch's Last Interview

08-20-09, 12:45 PM
Just a heads up for anyone with any kind o' hearts & ears---

KZOK here in Seattle does a "Psychedelic 60s" show every Saturday morning from 10-11am, hosted by Gary Crow and available online ( http://www.kzok.com/ ), just got word that Gary is going to be "spreading over a couple (of those) shows" the interview Mitch did with him/them the day before he passed last November.

08-20-09, 03:52 PM
Sounds intersting! Perhaps someone could record it and upload here at CTT.

I captured what I think was Buddy Miles' last interview from an on-line radio broadcast but I don't think anyone here is interested.


08-20-09, 04:15 PM
Stick it up and and see, you might be surprised.

08-20-09, 06:45 PM
Stick it up and and see, you might be surprised.Well, I made the comment based on the topic I placed in this Forum. It had a link to the Miles interview. The topic had only one reply. What does that tell you?

Voodoo Kush
08-23-09, 07:53 PM
Cool, Mitch and Buddy were both great drummers with their own style, it would be nice to hear them again! (RIP)

08-24-09, 03:10 PM
Anyone managed to record it, or know if they're running it again?