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Roland Stone
08-22-09, 11:49 PM
Many years ago I purchased a semi-legit release of Royal Albert Hall from a label that was supposed to be associated with Eric Burdon. Shortly after the purchase they sent me another disc that was speed corrected. At the time these were supposed to be the ultimate edition of RAH. Is that still considered true? And is it okay to upload them here or all they already here on CTT - or are they verboten because some of the songs were released on "Concerts" and elsewhere?

08-23-09, 12:56 AM
Since you mentioned "Concerts" I assume you are referring to audio and not video. If I recall correctly any piece that appears on official releases, even if out-of-print, are prohibited. The remaining can be uploaded. As to whether what you have is already on the tracker I cannot say.

I'm still unclear as to the reasoning behind the following scenario : The 69 Forum gig was an officially released soundboard (on 'Concerts' & 'Stages'). However, I seem to recall that an audience recording of the same show is likewise prohibited.