View Full Version : Unseen Shots from March 10th, 1968 in Washington DC for sale

09-07-09, 05:54 PM
http://cgi.ebay.com/1968-Photo-Proof-Sheet-The-JIMI-HENDRIX-Experience_W0QQitemZ400070870321QQcmdZViewItemQQpt ZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item5d26150531&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14#ht_3338wt_1166

I usually browse around Ebay for cool Jimi things (Concert Posters and LP's etc. etc.), and came across Proof Sheet of Photo's from D.C in '68. Looks Unseen, I have no clue to be honest, But either way they're really cool looking shots, from what I can see from the Intentionally Blurred photo's.

"This very rare Jimi Hendrix item is an authentic photo proof sheet by the legendary photographer John R. Gossage. The photos were taken March 10th, 1968 at the International Ballroom in the Washington Hilton Hotel, Washington D.C. This proof sheet is printed on Kodak paper and was stamped by John Gossage on the back. It is in very good condition and measures 8 1/2 x 11 inches. There is a light crease on the right side edge, two small dots on the upper right corner where paper may have stuck to the print, and two small pieces of tape on the back.

The shots are truely amazing! I wish I could say I had the negatives, but unfortunately I do not. There are 34 shots on the sheet and not only do they show some awesome shots of Hendrix, but some incredible shots of his guitar and gear also. This piece of rock n' roll history is definitely museum worthy and would be quite the piece to add to any collection!"

09-08-09, 03:37 AM
A starting bid of 8.000 dollars ?
Get real, this is poison for the whole Jimi collectors community:
No one is going to bid on this, and others will sit on their Jimi stuff even longer, hoping in vain to fetch a surrealistic price like this.
Anyway JU, thanks for keeping us updated on what's on Ebay

09-08-09, 04:25 AM
8.000 $....LOL

I guess you could buy the original prints of the actual negs from John Gossage himself for a tenth of that price.

If he would sell the original negatives with all the rights even then 8000 would be too much. What a joke!!!