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09-11-09, 10:21 AM
Rolling Stone Online


If you read the comments below the story
this might come out, might not.

Peace & Love,
Ras Freeman

purple jim
09-14-09, 04:11 PM
http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/6471/yayas.png (http://img515.imageshack.us/i/yayas.png/)

09-14-09, 08:13 PM
sounds promising

09-14-09, 08:18 PM
Don't get your hopes up. Unfortunately, the way these things usually work out, is the footage of Jimi will probably be all of 2 minutes.

purple jim
09-15-09, 12:50 AM
We already know it by heart.

10-29-09, 04:49 PM
Looks like this is coming out November 3.

Kinda spendy if your not a Stones fan. You got
to buy a 3CD/1DVD set for the footage of Jimi.

Peace & Love,
Ras Freeman

11-11-09, 09:50 AM
Being a big Stones fan, I was happy that they were releasing the Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out deluxe set. As an added bonus, the package contains some footage of Hendrix I'd never seen before.

On the 5 song Bonus DVD, they've included about 30 seconds of the footage many of us have seen....the footage of where Jimi's checking out Keith Richards "Dan Armstrong" plexi guitar and where he's heard asking Keith if he'd "seen Linda lately" and where Keith says "no, you?" and then they both crack up laughing. There's also a few seconds of Jimi jamming with Mick Taylor where Jimi's playing Mick's Gibson SG, strings upside down of course.

The footage I'd never seen was where Jimi is shown apparently just arriving to the Stones 11-27-69 Madison Garden show, backstage among the limo's. You see Jimi appear in the screen with Mick ahead of him and Devon leaning against a limo or something and then you see Jimi playfully poking Jagger in the stomach or chest and they both are seen laughing. Then as they all approach the camera, you see Mick reaching up to his nose (hmmm) and you see Devon follow Mick with Jimi following Devon. There is a chick or two behind Jimi (Stella and/or Collette?). This all lasts about 20 seconds and at times Jimi and/or Mick and/or Devon are obsured by Sam Cutler (tour manager) and/or Richards and/or Taylor and/or others.
Still, it was cool for me to see this brief footage for the first time.

Also included is some brief footage of Janis Joplin dancing and laughing and rocking to "Satisfaction". She's shown in a small "backstage" area adjacent to the stage. Pretty cool.

On a side note, it's my understanding that after this show, Devon throws Jimi a birthday party (his last unfortunately, held at producer Monte Kay's house) and Jagger shows up, cuts his finger, and Devon then "wipes the blood from a jagged edge" in front of Jimi which pisses him off. Oh, the tangled web we weave :)

11-11-09, 11:26 AM
Thanks for the info, Souldoggie.
I got the original Cd release of Ya-Ya's back in the 80's
and always thought it was one of the best live albums out.
I'll probably get this sometime soon.

Ras Freeman

purple jim
11-11-09, 11:36 AM
… and Devon then "wipes the blood from a jagged edge" in front of Jimi which pisses him off. Oh, the tangled web we weave :)

"…drinks the blood from the jagged edge" - Devon apprently licked the blood from Mick's finger.

11-11-09, 11:41 AM
it just arrived-- I coulnt wait for this to be torrented- Love Jimi- Love Stones

01-18-13, 04:59 PM
Thanks to RasFreeman for the start of the topic, and thanks also to souldoggie comments, which were very enriching to me.
The comments make extremely more valuable all threads in CTT.

01-18-13, 05:12 PM
If body language has anything to it that footage always made me think Jimi thought Mick was a tool