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This is the first CD in a series of two from the "Rainbow Warrior Music" bootleg label - the second title, "Electric Warrior" will be uploaded as a next, separate, torrent.

Jimi Hendrix

"Savage Beethoven"
(Rainbow Warrior Music RWM 0701, 2007, 1CD)

- Tracks 01-13:
Outtakes 1967-70

- Tracks 14-19:
Halle Munsterland
Munster, Germany
Audience recording - 3rd Source (first part)**

** The 2nd (final) part of the Münster recording
is released on RWM 0702 "Electric Warrior".

Artwork included.

Track list:
01. Look Over Yonder (1)
02. 51st Anniversary (5)
03. Lover Man (7)
04. Can You See Me (11)
05. Ezy Rider (10)
06. Freedom (1)
07. Drifter's Escape (2)
08. Earth Blues (5)
09. Room Full Of Mirrors (3)
10. It's Too Bad (1i)
11. Fire (90)
12. Instrumental Rock And Roll Jam ( )
13. Send My Love To Linda (2)
14. Intro ( )
15. Come On (Part 1) (18)
16. Spanish Castle Magic (62)
17. Red House (41)
18. Fire (48)
19. Foxy Lady (53)
Total time - 75:14

01: [S932] Olympic Sound Studios, 5/4/67
Mitch Mitchell (d).
Added in 1988: possibly Noel Redding (b)
As on LIVE AND UNRELEASED, but without (ta), (hv) and a few (lv)
02: [S1478] Kingsway Studio, probably 1/11/67
Noel Redding (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d)
Official version, but different mix with doubled vocals
03: [S938] Electric Lady, Summer 1970
Billy Cox (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d)
04: [S1479] Kingsway Studio or Regent Sound, 11/66 or 12/66
Noel Redding (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d, ta)
Official version [S018], but different mix with 3 vocal tracks
05: [S944] Record Plant, 12/18/69
B.Cox (b), B.Miles (d), J.Sultan (cow-bell), J.Sultan or J.Velez (congas)
Jimi (hv), B.Miles? (hv), S.Winwood? (hv), C.Wood? (hv), unknown (ta)
Official version, but some different vocals, different mix; fade at end
06: [S799] Electric Lady, 6/70
Billy Cox (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d)
07: [S243] Electric Lady, 5?/15?/70
Billy Cox (b), Mitch Mitchell (d), and Mitch Mitchell? (ta)
Official version, but different (g) parts, no cow-bell, different mix
08: [S943] Record Plant, 12/19/69
Billy Cox (b), Buddy Miles (d, hv), Jimi (hv, voice), The Ronettes (hv)
Juma Sultan? (pe, maracas), and unknown (ta, cow-bell)
Possibly Record Plant, 1/20/70 (additional recordings)
Official version, but different (g), (d)
09: [S254] Record Plant, 11/17/69
B.Cox (b), B.Miles (d), Juma Sultan (pe, congas),unknow (cow-bell)
Official ver. with extra rhythm (g), more solo (g), congas, slide (g)
Official version but different mix
10: [S772] Record Plant, 2/11/69
Duane Hitchings (or) and Buddy Miles (d)
11: [S1475] Kingsway Studio, 1/11/67
Noel Redding (b, hv) and Mitch Mitchell (d, hv)
12: [S726] Olmstead Sound Studios, 4/69
Noel Redding (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d)
13: [S259] Hit Factory?, 9?/69?
14-19: Halle Münsterland, Münster, Germany, 1/14/69
Noel Redding (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d)
3rd source - audience recording

- The featured Munster portion (tracks 14-19) is an incomplete
version of the newly (2007) surfaced 3rd Source, and consists
only of the first part of the concert. This source seems to be
recorded almost in line with the guitar amplifiers, and has about
35-40 seconds of the intro missing when compared to the 2nd
source available on the "A Magic Time" vinyl LP bootleg.

- Münster 3rd Source walkthrough (Part 1):
01. "Intro" - 0:41 before the first song
02. "Come On (Part 1)" (18) - drop-out at 2:54
and two drop-outs at 5:04 (none of these are tape cuts)
03. "Spanish Castle Magic" (62)
04. "Red House" (41) - cut at 8:38; 0:12 missing
05. "Fire" (48)
06. "Foxy Lady" (53) - fades out 0:13 after the end of the song

March 2008.

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Many thanks goes to TOMC who provided me with both "Rainbow Warrior Music" discs.
Thank you Tom!

P.S. All studio outtakes seem to be severely noise-reducted. Fortunately, Munster tracks seem to be intact (?).

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