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This is a second (final) title from the "Rainbow Warrior Music" label.
Many thanks go to TOMC for providing the discs.
Thank you Tom!

Jimi Hendrix

"Electric Warrior"
(Rainbow Warrior Music RWM 0702, 2007, 1CD)

- Tracks 01-09 & 11-13:
Outtakes 1967-70

- Track 10:
Generation Club
New York City, NY
Jam with B.B.King

- Tracks 14-17
Halle Munsterland
Munster, Germany
Audience recording - 3rd Source (2nd, final part only)

Artwork included.

Track list:
01. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (17)
02. Lover Man (3)
03. Stepping Stone (2)
04. I Don't Live Today (3) - from "Out Of The Studio 2", 12 sec. edit at 1:23
05. Fire (90) - tape cuts edited out along with some music
06. Rock And Roll Jam ( )
07. Hear My Train A-Comin' (52)
08. You Got Me Floatin' (4)
09. Gypsy Blood (1)
10. Like A Rolling Stone (6i)
11. Cherokee Mist" (1i)
12. La Pouppee Qui Fait Non
13. Taking Care Of No Business (1) - fake stereo, slightly incomplete start
14. All Along The Watchtower (7)
15. Hey Joe (44)
16. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (42)
17. Purple Haze (62)
Total time - 76:56

01: [S246] Record Plant, 5/3/68
Noel Redding (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d).
Take 4
02: [S929] Olympic Sound Studios, 2/16/69
Added in 1988: Noel Redding (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d)
03: [S975] Hit Factory, Autumn 1969
Billy Cox (b), unknown (d), and Juma Sultan (pe)
04: [S1461] Kingsway Studio, 2/67
Noel Redding (b, voice) and Mitch Mitchell (d)
Official version, but delay on vocals, different ending
05: [S1476]/[S1477] Kingsway Studio, 1/11/67
Noel Redding (b, hv) and Mitch Mitchell (d, hv)
06: [S726] Olmstead Sound Studios, 4/69
Noel Redding (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d)
07: [S1366]
Pt.1 - Record Plant, 5/21/69
Billy Cox (b) and and Buddy Miles (d)
Pt.2 - Olmstead, 4/2/69
Noel Redding (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d)
08: [S1107] Olympic Sound Studios, 10/3/67
N.Redding (b, hv), M.Mitchell (d, hv), T.Burton (hv), C.Kefford or R.Wood (hv), unknown (ta)
Fake mono mix using one channel of the official stereo version for verse 1, then the other channel for the remainder of the song
09: [S928] Olympic Sound Studio, 2/16/69
Mitch or Rocki (bongos).
Added in 1988: Noel Redding (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d)
10: [L231] live, Generation, NYC, 4/68
Buzzy Feiten (b), Phillip Wilson (d), Al Kooper (or)
11: [S710] Record Plant, 5/2/68
Jimi? (sitar) and Mitch Mitchell (d); incomplete
12: [S1058] Kingsway Studio, 2/7/67
Jimi (b, g overdub), Noel Redding (g), and Mitch Mitchell (d)
13: [S927] Olympic Sound Studio, 5/4/67
Noel Redding (voice) and Mitch Mitchell (voice).
Added in 1988: unknown (tuba), unknown (sax), possibly N.Redding (b) and possibly M.Mitchell (ta)
14-17: live, Halle Münsterland, Münster, West Germany, 1/14/69
Noel Redding (b) and Mitch Mitchell (d)
Audience recording - 3rd source (2nd, final part)

- The featured Munster recording (tracks 14-17) is the second and final
part of the concert. This source seems to be recorded almost in line with
the guitar amplifiers, and runs about 15 seconds longer after the end of
"Purple Haze" (62) when compared to the 2nd source available on the
"A Magic Time" vinyl LP bootleg.
- Münster 3rd Source walkthrough (part 2):
01. "All Along The Watchtower" (7) - The tape resumes 0:04 before the song.
02. "Hey Joe" (44)
Cut between songs. 0:24 is missing.
03. "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" (48) - 0:03 silence at 6:24.
Tape playback stops and then resumes again at the same spot - no music is lost.
04. "Purple Haze" (62) - Severe tape problems start at 1:54.
There are some drop-outs until 2:06, the sound continues to fluctuate for the remainder of the tape. Tape runs for about 0:21 after the song ending.
- The first part of the Munster concert was previously released on RWM 0701 "Savage Beethoven".

March 2008.

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Thank you (Opib and VoodooChild), it's really lonely on this site.
Everything I or anyone else uploads doesn't seem to attract much attention from other members... Sad, very sad...

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