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09-16-09, 08:35 AM
Jimi Hendrix
The Electric Lady Studio Recordings
Watch Tower (WT 2001049)
Artwork: Included

Liberated bootleg > EAC > FLAC (L8)
ripped by rburly (rdb25@hotmail.com)

01. Freedom (4:00)
02. Lover Man (2:50)
03. Valleys of Neptune Arising (4:34)
04. Freedom (4:20)
05. Drifting - Keep On Groovin' (4:45)
06. Freedom (3:59)
07. Cherokee Mist/In From The Storm (6:28)
08. Valleys of Neptune Arising (Strange Mix) (4:34)

Recorded At The Electric Lady Studios, New York, May 15 1970

Jimi Hendrix: Guitar, Vocals
Mitch Mitchell: Drums
Billy Cox: Bass

09. Jams: Stepping Stone/Sending My Love To Linda/Freedom/Here Comes The Sun/Cherokee Mist/Calling All Devils Children (32:31)

Jimi's Private Reels/Home Recordings
Jimi: Acoustic guitar
Mitch Mitchell: Hand clapping

10. Honey Bed (4:25)

Recorded At The Record Plant Studio, December 23, 1969
Jimi Hendrix: Guitar, Vocal
Billy Cox: Bass
Buddy Miles: Drums

FLAC ffp:
(01) Freedom.flac:c8dcd77d7ab4d8a1f587ebe8dbca207b
(02) Lover Man.flac:2df1036754e638d085dfda3d369fcf44
(03) Valleys of Neptune Arising.flac:b7a4b1a5bc8c1ca041f046848904b200
(04) Freedom.flac:d8768aceb4a2a314b497845c8a4de22b
(05) Drifting - Keep On Groovin'.flac:a3dd9ab39218cd70e1231b9df8c80600
(06) Freedom.flac:43ffbef6db80559d03d84df1688b148f
(07) Cherokee Mist-In From The Storm.flac:cfb2cc0e2b5ddcb74e68402fe993c1a0
(08) Valleys of Neptune Arising (Strange Mix).flac:be63ecd5e1ca605ca9efc97e5820a580
(09) Jams- Stepping Stone-Sending My Love To Linda-Freedom-Here Comes The Sun-Cherokee Mist-Calling All Devils Children.flac:bdf5ed2f8e0c73d1ed1e23ba015a7944
(10) Honey Bed.flac:a6a53a714249d90ec15211e57c196b37

09-22-09, 04:52 PM
I'm just looking at other bootlegs now and this might actually be from the record plant. on my old cpu I had a great chronological sessionography site bookmarked. the page had yellow print on a black background, anyone know what I'm talking about? or know of a similar site?

10-14-10, 09:08 AM
Can you re-seed this please?? It does not appear to be downloading, thanx alot!!