View Full Version : the white stripes session at electric lady studios 11-16-03

09-22-09, 05:11 PM
love this CD. one of my favorite bands.
playing at the mecca that is ELS
I've seen them live a bunch of times.
they are fantastic. this was an FM broadcast.
they do a brief hear my train jam out of ball & biscuit
out of respect to honor jimi
I'm gonna upload a torrent of this somewhere soon
and when I do I'll post a link up in this thread
let's keep it civil and hater-free in here. thank you.

09-22-09, 05:14 PM
They kept open ELS, but they remodeled it and did horrible things to it as a studio that Jimi made, I think. :(:(:( I know some groups have recorded there. Either way, still ELS. :D Sounds cool.

09-24-09, 01:22 AM
here it is. enjoy:


The White Stripes
November 16, 2003
Electric Lady Studios, NY

01. intro
02. I Fought Piranhas > Let's Build A Home
03. interview
04. Going Back To Memphis
05. interview
06. Black Math
07. interview
08. Jolene
09. interview
10. The Same Boy You've Always Known
11. interview
12. Wasting My Time
13. interview
14. The Hardest Button To Button
15. interview
16. Ball and Biscuit > Hear My Train Comin
17. interview
18. Seven Nation Army


Studio > FM > Sony Receiver > (analog) > Soundblaster Live! line-in >
Cooledit Pro 48khz 16bit .wav > normalized > 44.1khz 16bit .wav >
cdwave editor (tracksplits) > FLAC Frontend

Broadcast 11-16-2003 11:10pm EST WXRK 92.3FM New York
Recorded by BAMF