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10-07-09, 04:28 AM
Check this out:

All Jimi collectors know love the nice strereo audience recording of this great show, and low and behold another three audience recordings (although inferior) of this gig have turned up in recent years
....Now this 5th source has turned up and it's a head scratcher. It almost sounds like a soundboard at times, but it seems way to rough in quality for that. An audience? No way. The audience is too distant and too many nuances (Jimi brushing his strings, counting in songs) are clear. My theory is someone recorded it from onstage, possibly at Jimi's direction?
Before you get too excited be forewarned: This is a rough recording! But it provides a different perspective to the show. It starts with Jimi going through "Room Full of Mirrors." Is this a soundcheck? Sounds like it's in studio though, yet it seems to be captured with the same recorder used at the gig! Hmmm. The show portion starts in the middle of "Machine Gun" and Jimi's playing is brilliant. The guitar can be heard quite well, as can Billy's bass and, surprise, even Mitch's drums can be heard a bit!!!! The drums are often buried in audience tapes, Mitch being outblasted by his band mates. But Jimi's voice is not as audible and it continues to be distant until the end of " Hear My Train A Comin'" then walla!!! His vocals are suddenly present...why is that? On the Baltimore audience tapes, his vocals are clear enough. Maybe this is a board??? Hmmm. But then we get "Room Full Of Mirrors" and at the end some says into the mic "not bad." Why would he say that after (at that time) the relatively obscure song? Given the "soundcheck" maybe Jimi instructed a roadie to record "Room Full Of Mirrors" during the show so he could mark the song's progress on stage. Jimi did record himself on stage on occasion...there is the story of the band listening to a tape of the Berlin 9-4-70 show on the way to Fehmarn. The tape runs out at the end of "Purple Haze" and the "Stars Spangled Banner" is missing. The final piece is the end of "Voodoo Child." I'd love to hear your thoughts on this strange one!
Does anyone know about this source or is it a fake?


10-07-09, 04:58 AM
Same as this one, that we already have here I guess: