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10-17-09, 10:50 PM
The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Gothenburg '70

(ATM 162-163 / 28.03.2001 / 2CDR)

Stora Scenen, Liseberg,
Gothenburg, Sweden


[Almost Complete Show]; 45:05 / 45:03) Aud; 1st Gen
except patch in "Hey Joe" (59): 2nd Gen)
Digitally Restored - Noisy channel stripped off, some EQ and substansial de-noising

- Source walkthrough: "Spanish Castle Magic" (49), "Killing Floor" (18),
"Hear My Train A-Comin'" (51), "Message To Love" (43) {cut at 7:00}, "Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)"
(11) {cut at 1:28}, "In From The Storm" (8), "Hey Joe" (59) {cut at 1:14 - 1:37 patched with 2nd Gen tape},
"Foxy Lady" (96), "Red House" (78) {start cut, cut at 5:54},
"Room Full Of Mirrors" (21) {start cut}, "Straight Ahead" (7),
"Purple Haze" (104) {cut at 3:00 - 3:04}, "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" (85) {cuts at 11.35 & 11. 38,
taper rewinded the tape and recorded 2 bits of audience noise over the end of the track}.
- More Complete version of this Show than any other Circulating versions, including the versions available on
"The Warm Hello of the Sun" (ftbfs: 494) and "Jimi's Last Visit to Sweden Vol.2" (ftbfs: B494).
- Alternate Edit is available.

Disc 1

01. Spanish Castle Magic
02. Killing Floor
03. Hear My Train A Comin
04. Message To Love
05. Hey Baby (Land Of The New Rising Sun)
06. In From The Storm

Disc 2

01. Hey Joe
02. Foxy Lady
03. Red House
04. Room Full Of Mirrors
05. Straight Ahead
06. Purple Haze
07. Voodoo Child (slight return)

Pass It On.

Preserve Quality


September '06

D1 Track 01.flac:7e5d5b17bd0f173822043acee402f20c
D1 Track 02.flac:3490205e21ffd39426412f33783a74d9
D1 Track 03.flac:d9ea8bce42ae0290f4e00baf2c95fdd4
D1 Track 04.flac:7150de30c408c29ea75b2f738e1d7b37
D1 Track 05.flac:53a50c02966d8fbe63c9c2347bd383a4
D1 Track 06.flac:c843a0f5288d6f658211726d68764fc3
D2 Track 01.flac:4c7111a005d80d0b33d5982effa5b7e3
D2 Track 02.flac:96130d689c85d64362801c8b4c292a3b
D2 Track 03.flac:6edb55f967faad4e973563af6da8feba
D2 Track 04.flac:ebd7ff694178fd46400bda2427abc172
D2 Track 05.flac:e1da3e853ff14f5808154ac9e62f7abd
D2 Track 06.flac:f8f919359331bac4158b3701c5993275
D2 Track 07.flac:3fed3110e03cca3ff3bc97abafc78d06

10-18-09, 03:43 PM
RAW version available here:

09-11-10, 03:20 PM
Seeds Please Help !!

09-11-10, 07:49 PM
Seeds Please Help !!

on it now.

09-12-10, 08:10 PM
thanks very much for sharing...

09-13-10, 07:37 AM
Great thanks very much! This is better than "Warm hello of the sun"!

09-13-10, 09:04 AM
Thanks !!

09-18-10, 01:08 PM
18 sept 2010: To mark this day, I'll download this show, one I've never heard before. thanks folks :-)

09-25-10, 10:57 AM
Thanks a lot from Sweden! Very enjoyable. Much better than my old unknown gen cassette that's for sure.

I grew up 120km from Gothenburg and have been to the Liseberg Amusement Park many times. They still have concerts there. A very popular place to visit. Gröna Lund in Stockholm, where Hendrix played many times, is also an amusement park but not as big as Liseberg. Just in case anyone is interested :-)

My drummer's dad was at this Gothenburg 1970 show. And yes, it apparently was as loud as it can get.

And my fellow guitarist in the band, he's 61, saw Hendrix in Sandviken in 1967.

And I've spoken to the person who wrote the note that got passed to Hendrix at Konserthuset 1969-01-09 1st show asking for "All Along the Watchtower".

That's as close as I can get to the real thing :-)

I'm also into Zeppelin. They played in Gothenburg in 1968, 1969, 1970 and 1973. Has anyone of you Hendrix collectors heard about any Zeppelin recordings from Gothenburg? I mean Hendrix was taped back then so why not Zeppelin? Fingers crossed.

Thanks, Richard

09-27-10, 05:45 PM
Thanks for sharing!

10-30-10, 03:28 PM
back cover very nice)))

10-30-10, 07:01 PM
Richard, a good place to look for Zeppelin is Dime, i also have a large amount of sbd's but strange enuff none from gothenburg...interested? pm me!! i like zeppelin too!

03-22-12, 09:10 PM
Thanks to those still seeding. I thought I had this one, but apparently not. Looking forward to it.

03-26-12, 07:37 AM
I know it is not the place, but I did put in a seed request for the true RAW source of Gothenburg 70 - because I want to have a shot at cleaning that one up a bit...
I realise that there is a link to a source described as RAW, but there is one that is true RAW with a dodgy channel that I don't have...maybe no one does...

09-23-15, 08:37 AM
Again I say thank you... for sharing, taking the time to post, and making people happy... like me. with gratitude, fishey