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10-19-09, 02:51 PM
Hello everyone

What is this ratio? why are you counting bits of electricity pulses? does it matter to anyone?

I cannot download no more. And I did keep the torrents I downloaded, but no one would upload them from me. I don't have anything to share that I haven't seen here in this or other form. So what do I do?

besides all this petite counting is really non Hendrix in spirit, and it blocks the spreading of his music. please stop it.


Herman Cherusken
10-19-09, 03:14 PM
Ratio is used as a tool to keep track of people not just comming here grabbing what they want and then leaving without sharing anything back by seeding. You don't neccessary need to upload any new material, but try to be on your toes downloading when new material (if it appeals to you) is being uploaded so to improve your ratio. Improving your ratio is in itself a sign on your part that you want to give back to the community what you get from downloading juicy Jimi stuff.

Just be patient and hang in there as things takes time...

10-19-09, 04:19 PM
If everybody here on CTT thought like you, then you wouldnt have over 22 Gb of rare and very special Jimi Hendrix to enjoy. Its the seeders who gave you what you have. I have nothing new to upload either, but I do try to seed what I have downloaded to at least a ratio of 1/1 to make up for it. That is all I have to give to my fellow Jimi fans/friends here at CTT.. But I feel its important all the same.

And yes, it does take time, people will upload from you, but you need to leave your torrents alive for far longer than you did to download them in the first place..

Was Hendrix`s spirit to take from the people and give nothing back? If he had done that, the world would be a different place.. for me and every one here I`m sure. Hendrix gave all he had to give.... and more.

10-19-09, 09:53 PM
... And yes, it does take time, people will upload from you, but you need to leave your torrents alive for far longer than you did to download them in the first place...Quite right. Doron, you should load up your client with the more popular shows and leave them active. Also, frequently check the seed request forums and load up those shows as well.

One last item, since I have a fairly decent ratio I have stopped seeding just for those people that need to improve their ratios. In the past I have encouraged others to do the same, but I still see people with decent ratios continuing to seed.

oh well,

10-20-09, 12:32 AM
To echo all of the others, keep them up and running. I try to keep everything I DL open and my computer on all the time. Honestly, some are more popular than others, thank you NYPOP for helping my share ratio, 5.192 and going strong! Keep them open, share, it is what this is all about. Keep the faith brother.:bang:

10-20-09, 12:37 AM
CURRENTLY SEEDIND 287 CTT!!!!!! :woohoo: I bow humbly submit I only have 23 open and waiting and some flourishing. Thank you for your share. I really have nothing else but gratitude.

10-22-09, 05:03 AM
Well...to me the Hendrix spirit is giving everything you can and expect nothing back (but then you usually get more than when you demand it).
However if people here feel they give "everything" by keeping some files on their hard drive, of music that is not theirs to begin with...to that I don't have much to say.
To the others who did get my point, and do understand, your suggestions are great! but I tried to send a message that downloading Jimi's music shouldn't be that complicated/demanding/time consuming. Do you want to spread it or not?!

Do you think this Ratio police is better for the spreading of Jimi's music? then please see how the normal torrent system works without regulations, and works great, based on people's good will.

anyway, I just suggest here another line of thinking. Just think it over. You don't agree - fine. Don't give me no self righeous or silly replies no more, please, and I'm not saying all the replies were like that but some were.

btw I have kept seeding for a very long time, and still seeds two torrents. I stopped cos no one would download anyway.

10-22-09, 07:49 PM
We're not trying to be "mean", we just want people to stick around and kick a little into the system. If you look around a little, you'll see people who haven't even downloaded anything. When someone download something, we're happy that you do. The work we put into making the torrent and the hub-bub that surrounds it, payed off, that you found something in Jimi that you wanted to hear. But if everyone just downloaded and didnt put it back, this wouldn't be nearly the immense resource that it is. So when we tell you these things, it is in Jimi's spirit. If everyone gives a little back, maybe learn a little in the way (well that's almost a given ;) ), the resource will grow bigger, more members will join, and Jimi will be passed on. :)