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1. The Power Sound King.
2. His Two Friends.
3. The Supernatural Innocent Girl.
4. The Supernatural Witch.
5. The Visual God.
6. Party People.
7. The Good Guy.

"Story opens on some countryside, preferably fields, strange fields. And a
gypsy Arabian timeless tent...camera gets closer...goes inside of tent,
shows the billing (Hendrix encircled the word "billing") by showing
different photos on walls and little statuettes and ornaments inside the
tent...then music explodes and the rest of the titles are shown (side note-
'without interfering with flick'). After titles and credits, shows a little
('lost' is scratched out)innocnet girl watching 3 guys playing music(Mitch,
Noel and me). She's watching from behind a rock or something. Film shows us
straight, but through the girl's eyes, camera shows the music as dragons,
then sugar things, then evil things trying to be born...something about a
'hidden power being')...all these things, _she_can only see, not even the
musicians, _only her_. She gets up and runs away -- and we end the song
after noticing her scampering off and we laugh a little...a little rabbit
she is...ha ha. Then we get serious...discussing the money problem and
knowing that we're good enough to play for money...we start dinner (strike-
out) hungry.

We catch wildlife. Fry it Viking style. We are talking about going into
town, to jam somewhere, to let people hear us, to be famous, we want. So a
very exciting racing scene into town and our equipment man (Eric [Barrett])
driving a freaked-out truck full of our gear (fun scene). Should be able to
film some really good driving scenes through windy roads...good exciting
music..finally arrive at a hot dog joint(a very special joint) in town and
meet Scott, the potential Visual King. We make friends and he tells us
places we could try to play and also tries to tell us or get a gig with us
doing lights.

Scene at night -- takes us to a club and shows scene of innocent girl with
beautiful colored girl across the street from the club or at club- and the
colored girl saying "Watch, my darling...the beginning is at hand" or
something similar. Then we play and the music sways, etc...until it gets
physical with the lights and all. And so very serious and soon people are
taking up on this and then...the power fails for about 20 seconds and
everybody laughs and then flash to the girl and witch and saying "It is at
hand and you shall be Queen of Earth", or something like this.

During scene where music hypnotizes the people, I want a scene where a girl
is so completely wrapped up in what's happening that she tears a shirt off
of a stranger and without a word they fall to the floor making love. This
happens about 3 or 4 different times with different people...Almost to the
point of no return, we will see a long, beautiful brown hand reach and turn
the power off (from the basement or somewhere). Before this we will show
the witch standing up to leave...right in the heat of the music. Anyway...
the power goes off, etc..Everyone returns to their approximate location but
still very dazed at the impact.

The group gets the gig. The next day, the group remodels the club to their
own taste. The innocent girl comes to visit and tells the player...'Please
be careful with your power...it could be dangerous for you and the world'
(- approx.). He says 'What power' and laughs very heavy. She runs away --
far away. She runs all day, she runs...music runs with her...taking her
(to) different scenes...the sun sets. The moon comes...she feels better.
She sings a song...the moon slips through the skies and dances with her...
the sky dances...she is trippingly high...so is the sky. The sky makes her
feel much better because she likes the player more and more.

They (the sky and her) dance until she falls asleep.


More scenes...the group is the biggest success since air.Everywhere they
play, the player starts to really want the little girl. She is very
beautiful, young and fresh. And she is everywhere where they may be. The
player really digs the witch, too, and makes love to her several times. The
witch falls hard on him. She falls in real love with im but doesn't want
him to hurt her innocent friend and also doesn't want him to have anyone
else. He travels the world, makes love to the world's children. They are
happy..scenes show the witch is burning inside..the innocent girl falls in
love with him,too..He is sick in the head...He digs everything. He slightly
loses himself in the power and the pubic aroma of raw sex and emotional
music. Music, he is serious...Sex, well, who knows where his head's at?

Party scene brings a very strong emotional step in the film...

The timeless scene where a party Speakeasy is raided...flashes of '30's and
late '60's combine to put today's police in a silly but true outlook on
today's old-fashioned social laws.

Anyway, where was I?...Oh yes, a raid. Some people busted,some killed, some
escape..._we_ escape. I escape with the innocent girl. We drive away, laugh
and kiss, drive fast through roads, forests, worlds...finally to a deserted

Set must be set very carefully. Beauty and ugliness combined. She indicates
'What about my mother or guardian?..I say 'Fuck her, it's you and me' and I
have never been more serious. We must capture this scene to the fullest. We
stop. She runs off laughing into the dark and I find her on a beautiful
cross and we have no clothes or something resembling this..maybe a buck and
a doe then change to a stallion and mare and other comparisons.The innocent
girl screams 'Taste my world, my body, my soul"...I am about to go down on
her and make love to her. Then the witch in all the hell of fire and
jealousy comes from nowhere into shocking view. The witch..the witch..the
witch is here -- not to be said but to be SEEN -- cameras, really do your

The witch explains that I am fucked up in the head. I am lost, she says...I
only want her because she is different, she is young and innocent, she is
helpless..I argue back. Visual and sound must do their u(t)most to get this
across to the audience. Can you dig what I'm trying to say?...

Hee hee hee. This thing is going to be outasite. Let's see now...hmmm...oh
yes. We have a battle, the witch and I...but the witch naturally _can't_
kill me because I am insane almost. And plus my power of sound can really
and truly come to life. I kiss the young girl on the stomach and the witch
screams a 1,000-voiced scream. Throws off some kind of evil something on me
-but it doesn't quite reach me, ha ha. My shield of sound is too powerful.
Her evil spell or spells bounces ever so pitifully off and out of the way.
"Witch, you want me _and_ her for the same as what you throw in my face.
I laugh hysterically and throw sound waves onto her which shakes this
Island of Battle to the end and I hurt her so badly and the jolt is so
strong that the innocent girl, as she screams "You are man, I am women, we
belong, we are right, never mind her, take me, she is wrong, etc.,etc...."

Her cross crumbles from the impact and she tumbles over the side of the
cliff or a reasonable facsinile of what she says takes place...she
disappears is the main point and the witch screams that I have touched her
not her body. I have fatally wounded her. I cry out, 'What have I done?'
(approx).Music at this point shall scorch the audience. And I run for the
falling witch and we make love. When we reach climax, the soul of her
screams one final time and she dies. I am shaking. I curse the storm that
brewed. I curse everything. I curse and curse. And I make a pact that I
shall take over. Fuck the world and its peasants and peons and parasites
with my power ---etc.,etc., etc....


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