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Jimi Hendrix and his Band Of Gypsys

Madison Square Garden 1970-01-28

EarthBluesMerge v1.0 (2005-05-11)

1. intro - filmsoundtrack source (0:00-2:34)

2. Who Knows - filmsoundtrack source (0:00-3:49)
film/aud merge (3:49-6:59)
audience source (6:59-8:39)
film/aud merge (8:39-12:11)

3. Earth Blues - audience source (0:00-2:48)
aud/film merge (2:48-4:34)
audience source (4:34-8:59)

Sources used:

Box of Gypsys: The Complete Recorded Legacy - 30th Anniversary Edition (ATM 075-083 / 1999-2000 / 9CDR Box)
These are the Raw Sources from which the Composite set ATM 066-071 "Box of Gypsys" mainly is made.

Jimi Hendrix - Guitar, Vocals
Buddy Miles - Drums, Vocals
Billy Cox - Bass, Vocals


NO EQualisation or NoiseReduction applied to any of these sources.

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very good thank you

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like the concert but wish there was more film footage

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:000-thanx: for sharing this with the World !!

I haven't deleted any of my downloads. I'll always keep them in my list!

So, if anyone needs a seeder for this download, just send me a PM so I can start uploading!

Peace & Happiness
Glenn from the Netherlands

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i missed this first time around!

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Thank you to the original seeder and to TwoAlpha for reseeding 4 me:thayou219bl:

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No probs corky972, we aim to please.

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Nice, thanks so much! Even a rough Jimi show is great :-)

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thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Very Groovy man!

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thank-you and where's the video footage from this, link please!

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thank-you and where's the video footage from this, link please!


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Hey Pancho! Thank you very much for having shared this controversial show.

About this show it is interesting to read
Chris Dixon's 30th Anniversary Series C S Dixon

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Thanks for posting this. :)

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Thanks a lot!

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Where is the Earth/Space quote from? can it be heard?

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Where is the Earth/Space quote from? can it be heard?

On January 28th 1970, The Band of Gypsys were to play last their show at
Madison Square Garden for the Winter Festival For Peace. It was organized
by the Vietnam Moratorium committee with Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary
running the show and getting all the talent to play for free.
Jimi showed up too stoned to play.

As he walked on stage a woman yelled out "Foxey Lady!". Jimi responded with
"Foxey Lady is sittin' right over there, in the yellow underpants stained with dirt
and blood." People in the audience were mortified! He then performed terrible
versions of "Who Knows" and "Earth Blues", then stumbled to the mike and said
"That's what happens when earth fucks with space, never forget that."


He then sat down on the stage near the drums and refused to continue. Buddy, trying to take
control of the situation, addressed the audience. "Listen it seems as though we are
not quite getting it together here. Just give us a little more time because it has been
hard. Give us a few minutes and we'll try to get something together." Jimi unplugged
his guitar, went back to his dressing room, and bent over with stomach cramps.


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i really like this version of who knows, its very funky and jimi really played a great solo on it and buddys drums,it sounds good,imho