View Full Version : House Burning Down - alternate takes/mixes?

03-27-08, 04:00 PM
I see there is a boot 1968AD with two alternate versions of HBD on it. Anyone got it?

03-27-08, 06:54 PM

Here a review of a boot called "1968 AD" , I'm going to rip and upload this

03-31-08, 07:39 PM
My 10 yr old sons' favorite Hendrix . . . . . For true.
My score is going down each day although I have over 15+ items up for seeding, so I'm thinking of "holding back" for a couple days. I'm beginning to think I may be "slightly" Fire-walled.
I'm on a Mac G4 w/ a Linksys wireless from Comcast Cable & my "downloads" are coming in pretty quick.
The word "Abuse" is not in my dictionary & I adore giving back. Anybody have thoughts?
Thanx - In advance
Peace - me :wave:


Our machine has done its job - Played its part well
Without a scratch on our bodies and we bid it "Farewell"
Starfish and giant foams greet us with a smile
Before our heads go under we take a last look at the KILLING NOISE . . . .