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03-31-08, 10:19 AM
can someone please upload this one, thanks!

Jimi Hendrix - Way Down in Texas Land Vol.3 (ATM 168-169 Rev A / 2001 / 2CDR) CD1 live at Moody Coliseum, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX August 3, 1968 [Complete Show]. CD2 Tks 1-7 live at Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX August 4, 1968 [1st Show] + filler Tks 8-10 Vets Memorial Coliseum, Columbus, OH March 3, 1968) VG to VG+ AUD mono? All 2nd Gen except Columbus, OH: Aud; No Gen Info. REV A version: The 7+ min. Columbus, OH 03.03.68 recording ["Tax Free" (18) / "Fire" (94)] is unmodified, and suffers from constant pitch variations. The initial version of this set had clicks between tracks. The Revised versions has this problem corrected.

Marshall Man Ax Slinger
06-27-09, 12:07 PM
Done: http://crosstowntorrents.org/showthread.php?t=1830