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11-29-09, 06:01 PM
Feel a bit of a doofus asking this, but does anyone know what became of the studio tapes/sessions that went to build up 3rd Stone From the Sun? I haven't seen them in all the 1966/1967 Studio Session material that is here. I know Janie put the vocal track on the box set, but where's the rest of it? Does she have it? I should probably know the answer to this but maybe some informed souls can set the record straight.

11-29-09, 07:08 PM
Hi there, tallboy333,according to mcDermots book Ultimate Hendrix it was recorded 13 dec. 1966. 5 different version & outtakes can be found on the "Bluejeans & Moonbeams" Box set (not on CTT),and probably 4 on "Studio '66" don't know the threaddirectory exactly,but it can be found here on CTT.Well that,s all I know about 3rd Stone.Hope someone else can add some more info on this one.

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11-29-09, 10:27 PM
I guess that's what made me a bit curious as I didn't find it in the Studio '66 torrent which lists some of the songs recorded on 13 Dec. 1966 but does not have 3rd Stone listed. I guess I'm a bit of a nut about the song--it was the first non-radio Hendrix track that grabbed me and really made my hair stand on end. I'd love to hear the raw tracks and see how he built up that masterpiece in the primitive studios of the day. Maybe someone could upload the "Bluejeans and Moonbeams" torrent or point me to a torrent here that does have some of the outtakes from that session. It's too bad Jimi didn't live long enough to lay down a definitive concert version. I saw Stevie Ray do it in concert and it was like a launching pad for some really insane improv guitar as well as flash moves (jumping off the amp onto the guitar, swinging it about and generating waves of feedback, etc.) Anyway, thanks for the info thunderbaas and hopefully someone can further enlighten us.

purple jim
11-30-09, 01:20 AM
5 different version & outtakes can be found on the "Bluejeans & Moonbeams" Box set

I'm sure you mean "Moonbeams & Fairytales" ("Bluejeans & Moonbeams" was a Beefheart album).
The tracks unfortunately only present varying mixes:
15. 11 Jan [S1535] (5pt.i)Third Stone from the Sun (official vocals hi) 2:35
16. 11 Jan [S1535] (5pt.ii)Third Stone from the Sun (official, diff mix) 6:43
17. 11 Jan (4) Third Stone from the Sun (vocals hi) 3:21
18. 11 Jan [S015] (1) Third Stone from the Sun (official, mono mix) 6:34
19. 11 Jan [S015] (2) Third Stone from the Sun (official) 6:42

11-30-09, 01:49 AM
maybe we will see some of this material on the Deluxe issue of AYE by EH in Jan or Feb 2010

11-30-09, 05:37 AM
Your totally right Purple Jim,of course it's "Moonbeams & Fairytales" Somehow I allways mix up those titles.Tallboy don't know if you allready have the "Moonbeams" box. I got it from the shut down Pink Robert site,but I think you can find it in Dime a dozen as well.


11-30-09, 07:33 AM
I know Janie put the vocal track on the box set,

Which includes a speech out-take by Chas & Jimi different from that used on the final track.

Chris M
12-01-09, 09:41 PM
The first version of 3rd Stone was recorded at CBS in 12/66. This version was rejected and they started from scratch at De Lane Lea in January. IIRC the backing track of the released version was done at De Lane Lea with overdubs at Olympic.

I'm not sure but I get the impression reading Ultimate Hendrix that they don't have any of the CBS session tapes. A real shame as they also recorded early versions of Love Or Confusion and Can You See Me there.