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12-20-09, 12:52 AM
The Band:
Vince Martell: Guitar/Vocal's
Pete Bremy: Bass
Tiger Bill Meligari: Drums
Peg Pearl: Keys

Setlist: ( 29:43 ) Minutes

01: Vince Greets Crowd
02: Stone Free/3rd Stone From The Sun
03: Spanish Castle Magic
04: Are You Experienced
05: Vince Introduces Band
06: Them Changes
07: All Along The Watchtower
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This show goes out to my buddy Rick who was with me there !

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67 years old . . . *sigh*

12-20-09, 01:03 AM
This was also on the Dime page. Sorry, I don't use 'em. Don't know [largely] what they're for.
I'm not a real "tech" kinda guy . . . :bartmoon: Peace
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12-20-09, 01:53 PM
Awesome Steev! Vinnie has always been one of my fav axe-men and Vanilla Fudge in my Top 10.


12-21-09, 05:27 AM
Thanks a million!!! Very underated guitarist

12-21-09, 02:32 PM
... Very underated guitaristAgreed! I love collecting Jimi tributes. Although Vinnie's vocals do nothing for me other than remind me of his glory days with VF, his axe-work stays true to the classic Hendrix spirit (in fact, Vinnie did a full cd Hendrix tribute released some years ago). And I am very impressed with the sound quality (for an audience capture). Highly recommended for Hendrix-tribute collectors.


12-21-09, 06:33 PM
Why do I have to leave long stories like this . . . ?
Well . . . I don't really know, but it starts out real short & quickly turns into Coffee Chat w/Steev & I'm always apologizing for it . . . But where Jimi is concerned, I just always seem to have "thoughts", and usually a smile or 2 to accompany them.
Here's my spin on the Vince Martell thing. Nice Marcos ^. Real short. :D
While lacking hi end, it's quite good. I believe a "Tad" Hi end could be remastered in by someone who has been given the "gift" :D But that would not be me.
Anyway, his NY accent does nothing for Jimi, but I truly love where his playing comes from. At his worst, he murdered the Exp Hendrix tour from last year. A huge 3 hour "Session" that left me wondering exactly what they were tapping for "Sweet Inspiration", but I don't want to get into a back & forth over that issue. I sat thru it . . . .
Vinnie "Feels" . . . And that means much more to me than "chops" where Jimi is concerned. He captured a "Time" for me which I believe is no easy feat. You hear & feel it or you don't. Psychedelia does not pour out of the speakers by virtue of smoking a joint & letting your fingers fall to the magic notes. Far from it. [Though some may argue its benefit]. It's a craft you hone from your heart, & again, you have it or you don't. The Beatles had it, Jimi obviously had it [stupid to even finish that sentence . . .] The Fudge had it ;) Zep, The Who, Cream. The list goes on. But then Funkadelic also had it. A funk band, foreign to some - Huge shame [Eddie Hazel/Maggot Brain? Come on]. It's crafted from the soul & the Heart & comes with no instruction manual.

Sorry for the [baby] rant :) This just reminded me of the contrast between this loose celebration jam and the effort & $$$ Gibson put into last years' EH tour & that just sucked by comparison. Better sound maybe & I'll give you Eric Johnson, Buddy Guy & maybe Eric Gale shone brightly that night. But I'd take what was offered here, in BB's bar, over the EH thing [I]any night.

So, back to the Celebration . . . Even though Vinnie abruptly stopped dead cold at the transition part of 3rd stone, [ARRRRGGGHHHHHHHH] :( there were definitely some sparkling moments! And he warmed up good & proper from somewhere in "Spanish Castle Magic" on.
The one weakness . . . [Not least of all] his Drummer was a bit "loose" here & there, but still made up his own "parts" which stands for something.
What, exactly - I don't know, though. :) Almost not worth mentioning.
Vinnie was reaching. And for the most part was in control of it. He knew what he was looking for. To the point I began anticipating where he was gonna go next. But he reached out thru the open window and went somewhere else with it, thereby - - - Exciting me, just a bit. The by-product of which, was a trace of a Mona Lisa smile, a raised eyebrow & a nod.
And most of all, his playing made me realize how much I really really miss Jimi [fuck]. And nobody has really earned that right in my life, in all the latter years that have followed him since . . .
They virtually all leave you flat on your face for your invested time [and sometimes your moo-lah].
Jesus - It's been such a long time . . . And still, only just a drop of water in a really big bucket . . .
Soon, all the young ones will have only the music [obviously] and sickies like us for a short time [till we drop like leaves from the trees & shrivel up] to tell our stories about the heyday.
After I'm gone, I might just have to drop by every once in a while to see that we did a good job of passing down the stories & lore thru Time, Space & Forever Sunrises, and to see if my Grand kids are still trying to cop licks 50 or 100 years from now, and beyond. I'd bet big bucks they'll be giving it a "bash" or 2. Along those same lines, I'm wonderin' if Jimi ever stops by now & then to have a peek or to give a quick listen before going off to Orion for the Winter ;) Maybe he'd leave with just a trace of a smile on his face? Maybe just a bit of a Mona Lisa one. Or maybe find he'd touched someone in a very special way, that changed them and all that came after, forever? I'm glad he was here for that brief moment. We are all changed. And we all grew. He changed everything [for me] like a Volcano changes the face of the very topography we exist on.
I'm apologizing again. But this time, for a change, with perhaps a bit of a smile attached.
I just need to get out more . . . :D [Fucking Sicko]
Did I mention I liked the show?
I'm out - & I'm sick wit 'dis.

Thanx 4 all the Birthday wishes. It was good 4 everything. :) Just perfect! Meant much! :000-thanx:
Peace community :homer1:

12-27-09, 01:39 PM
Many thanks steev..I don't know this guitar player at all