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St Paul Civic Center - 3rd May 1970 - Raw Source

Info taken from: http://home.online.no/~hpjohnse/hendrix.html

Civic Center, St.Paul, MN 03.05.70 - Raw Source
(Aud [ ] / 70:42 (78:36 incl.extra track) / Almost Complete show)

When the St.Paul recording was transferred to DAT after it's discovery in 1997, there were made 2 versions of it: A straight version (this) and a Digitally Restored version. The Digitally Restored version is the one Commonly circulated in Traders' circuits, making this the "rarity" of the two.
- This version also includes 7:54 of Led Zeppelin's "Bring it on home" (recorded live) at the end of the tape, which indicates that the Hendrix show was taped over a recording of a Led Zeppelin-show.
- Refer to UniVibes issue 27, p.39-26 for a comprehensive review of this tape, online version available here - http://www.univibes.com/JimiPlaysStPaul.html

1970-05-03 (Sunday): St. Paul Civic Center, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

1. Intro 02:25
2. Fire 04:35
3. Room Full Of Mirrors 03:46
4. Lover Man 04:01
5. Hear My Train A Cominí 10:59
6. Ezy Rider 05:15
7. Machine Gun 10:06
8. Freedom (inc) 03:37
9. Foxy Lady 03:41
10. Red House 07:20
11. Star Spangled Banner 02:18
12. Purple Haze 3:25
13. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 08:05
14. Outro 00:53
15. Bring It On Home Ė Led Zeppelin 7:39

audio: audience recording
hendrix, cox & mitchell: 70:31 minutes, good quality (1-13)
entire recording: 78:11 minutes, good quality (1-14)

u/k gen (possibly early low gen) cassette > hard disc > CD wave editor (split tracks) > wave pad audio editor (remove silence at start and end of tape) > traders little helper WAV > FLAC conversion > CTT

This is a direct copy of the cassette (maxell) I received in early January 1998.
Transfer of the tape is as noted, this is a straight transfer, nothing has been done to alter the audio.
Itís just as it was on the original tape, there are imperfections but thatís how it is.
With many thanks to Jelly Cat excellent artwork included.

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Thanks,First Rays didn't have this one in my 70's concert list yet,really curious for the "room full of mirrors" a not so often done live tune.

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Thanx a bunch for this rare treat here, quality is that good here ?:000-thanx:

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I Thank You for a Great Addition to my "Jimi" archive. Thank, Thank, Thank You.

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for any LZ die-hard collectors . .the LZ fragment at the end ov this tape is from The Met Centre, Bloomington Minnesota, 12 April 1970, it so far the only know recording from this gig . .(Bring It On Home )

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This is a dynamite share to me.
My favorite era and setlist.
Thank you for the link to the Univibes article too.

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Thanks very much for the nice torrent!

Next time please dont forget to do the final WAV>FLAC conversion.

Thanks again!

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thx for this work , great !!

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Thank you very much for this upload...

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My computer went into automatic update mode and shut itself down overnight just as I was about to complete giving back 'DEFA' version of this one, and now this morning it's gone. I'm presuming it was pulled for some reason, but I don't know why! This torrent features uncompressed wav files making it that much larger and harder to give back with so many complete. Any clue as to why the other version was pulled?

Sorry for the bogus info above! I fond the 'missing' torrent further down the page!

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Can anyone reseed this one.