View Full Version : 1969-11-14 UK Track Records 45 'Let Me Light Your Fire'

12-13-16, 08:34 AM
Track Records release 'Let Me Light Your Fire' (ie the original 'Fire') b/w 'Burning Of The Midnight Lamp' - 1st release of a song from the AYE LP in true stereo (outside of US/Canada Reprise).
Also released in Europe on Polydor. Interestingly released in "independent" communist Yugoslavia.
Did "separatist" Poland not also release it too? The Stalin USSR subjugated 'communist' states of Europa are a very neglected part of Jimi's story, especially the obvious Polish connection and the Czech's - surely!
The Track advert is from the best music "underground" ie 'acid heads' fanzine of all time 'Zig-Zag'