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From Plug Your Ears:

Sunday, May 11, 1969
Fieldhouse, State Fairgrounds Coliseum, Indianapolis, IN
1 Come On (Part I)
2 Hey Joe
3 Stone Free
4 Hear My Train A Comin'
5 Fire
6 Red House
7 Foxy LadyČ
8 Voodoo Child (slight return)
ˇ audience recording; 64 minutes, good quality (1-8)

From Chris Dixon's 30th Anniversary series:

Today marks 30 years since the 11 May 69 Experience show at the State
Fairgrounds Coliseum in Indianapolis, Indiana. A busy week for Jimi has
seen a gig in Syracuse, a return to Toronto for a hearing on the drug
charge, then gigs in Alabama, N. Carolina and W. Virginia (the largest
stretch of undocumented shows on the tour). Once again we have a tape that
suffers at the hands of boomy arena acoustics. Not too bad and everything
can be heard, though the guitar is a little on the low side and some high
end detail is missing, esp from drums. A few between-song cuts do not
affect the music, although some wild level fluctuations threaten to at

(Setlist) Come On (Pt. 1); Hey Joe; Stone Free; Hear My Train; Fire; Red
House; Foxy Lady; Voodoo Child (SR)

- -Jimi opens with the 'forget everything else' rap, then dedicates the show
to "all the race car drivers" (Indy 500 coming up?), then adds "..the Black
Panthers, (sounds like) barefoot Indians and you people, too...". Probably
the only time in history that 'Indy drivers' and 'Black Panthers' get
mentioned in the same sentence!

- -'Come On' makes it's first tape appearance since Jan., the 7th of 10 known
versions (incl. Newport jam). There will be only one more documented
Experience rendition, the following week at MSG. Jimi starts a riff based
on the verse 'stops' and goes into the first verse without doing the intro
chords as on ELL. After that, stays very close to the album arrangement
with nice 'rock n' roll' soloing from Jimi throughout. Winds up the "Got me
flippin like a flag on a pole" verse with "..c'mon sugar, let the shit hit
the fan..."!

- -'HJ' another one seen infrequently around this time. Again only one more
to go with the Experience (San Diego). Jimi dedicates the "blast from the
past" to "the plainclothes policemen and other oddballs". Still muddling
the words a bit, and still slipping in the 'I Feel Fine' quote, this time
after the first "where you gonna run to now".

- -Jimi intros 'Stone Free' as another oldie to "get out of the way".
Describes it as released "about 13 years ago...recorded in 1873 at the
Benjamin Franklin Studios". Settles into a long intense solo which breaks
down around 4:30 and moves to some chordal work that sounds like he's
slapping the strings with his open palm high on the neck (we'll again hear
this on 'SF's to come). A drum solo of around 3 min gives way to some more
'slapped' flamenco chords and back to the final verse at about 9min. This
too only shows up on one more Experience show tape, as the opening medley
at Newport Pop.

- -Starts to introduce 'HMT' but some disturbance down front prompts him to
tell people to chill out so the "cops don't have to keep walking back and
forth, blocking my mind"! a typically long solo features some nice 'lighter
touch' playing at around the 7 min. mark.

- -'RH' gets yet *another* 'oldie' comment as being recorded in "1634" (hmm,
maybe that was the 'Christopher Columbus Studios' ?). This one
unfortunately suffers from some severe level fluctuations and ultimately a
level drop with increased hiss (or, same hiss with less signal, ie. the
real 'signal-to-noise ratio' in action!). It is, though, a killer version
IMO and features an extra 12 bars of quieter soloing (lingering on some
nice bends) before the vocals and 3 full verses of soloing before the
'percussive chord' bit (can't hear Jimi too well on that section) and a
great unaccompanied interlude before going directly back to the final

- -Intro of 'VC(SR)' has the guitar suddenly cutting out, leaving only Mitch.
Comes back a few bars later and Jimi says "The name of this song is 'Some
People Never Learn'.."- anyone's guess as to what happened there! Continues
without incident. Solo breaks down to some cleaner low-register riffing
around 4:00 and we hear Jimi touch on a riff that's reminiscent (or would
that be 'preminiscent'?) of a part of 'We Gotta Live Together'! He starts
the '...sweet time...' verse but goes back to a little more soloing before
continuing. More soloing around 5:00 features some nice country-ish bends
and ends with the climbing riff as heard on ELL with Jimi adding some upper
harmonies. Restates the intro and adds the dental coda at very end.


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Thanks Niraham for posting this show.

Any seeders out there able to help me finish this? Ive been stuck @ 93% for three days. Thanks in advance!

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