View Full Version : 1969-04-20? Penn Garden Hotel, New York. Billy arrives.

08-31-17, 03:05 AM
Sunday 20? April 1969
Penn-Garden Hotel, New York City. No gig
Jimi still in Texas.

BC: "New York was culture shock to me."

BC: “Jimi had told me all of these fabulous stories about how a limousine would pick me up at the airport, and I believed all of this of course. Nobody from the office, however, was there to pick me up. That’s when I started to realize that Jimi wanted me here, but the office didn’t seem so sure. At that point, I knew it was going to a battle from there on.” [How about Jimi didn’t let the office know, and was keeping his intentions regarding Billy secret? He was still playing with Noel and the band hadn’t broken up at that point, they still had three months of dates to play. Ed.] “At that point, I knew…” [is he psychic or what? Ed.]