View Full Version : 1969-04-23 Record Plant, New York, Cherry People back, no session

08-31-17, 03:23 AM
Wednesday 23 April 1969
Record Plant, New York City. No gig.
No session

Al Marks: “We drove back Wednesday and went to the Record Plant. We spoke to the receptionist and told him we were here to record with Jimi. He remembered us from the other night but informed us Jimi had not booked a session for that night. All of a sudden our jaws dropped. Mike Burke and [Washington Post critic] Richard Harrington looked at us and were complaining that we had driven all this way for nothing. Mike Burke agreed to stay, but Harrington left to take a train back to D.C. We had no place to stay so we asked if we could hang out at the studio. They let us in and we crashed on the floor of the studio.”

Rocky Isaacs: “[After the night off, and a trip back to Washington, Me and Punky Measows, the guitar player went back to New York for the next recording session with Hendrix]. He got us a hotel room and scheduled a recording session."