View Full Version : 1969-04-23 Penn-Garden Hotel? New York. Rehearsal

08-31-17, 03:46 AM
Wednesday 23 April 1969
Penn-Garden Hotel? New York City.
Possible rehearsal with Jimi & Billy
BC: “He and I would get a little amp, wherever he was or I was, and we would practice. We enjoyed this. We didn’t bowl or play golf. Music was our life. We loved every note we made. We played better with each other, not necessarily note for note, but pattern for pattern. We remembered patterns, not notes. A lot of times we would come up with a pattern that was four bars long, eight bars, or sixteen bars—all even. Other times, Jimi would come up with patterns that were seven bars, nine bars or thirteen bars, which was weird. On top of that we did not tune to standard tuning. In order for him to sing, we tuned down a half step, which made playing and singing easier.”