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08-31-17, 05:32 AM
Wednesday 14 May 1969, Record Plant, New York City. JHE
with, [unknown] – trumpet*, Sharon Layne – keyboards
Noel was in Woodstock
Producer: Jimi Hendrix
Engineer: Bob Hughes

Blues Jam 292** take 1 - unreleased
Blues Jam 292 take 2 - (3, 4) (aka Jelly 292)
Blues Jam 292 take 3 – unreleased JMcD: ”Came apart when Layne’s playing went awry.”
Blues Jam 292 take 4 - (1, 5)
Untitled Jam – unreleased Not in JMcD
Freedom - unreleased Not in JMcD
Horn & piano jam (JS25?) – (1, 2, 3) *** Not in JMcD

BC: “Jimi wanted to try and take his music in a number of different directions. He asked if I knew any organ players. I told him that I knew a pretty nice one in Nashville. He said, ‘Get him up here.” I said, “hey, it’s a girl. He shot me a look, but told me to bring her up here anyway. She was playing at that time in a group called King James And The Sceptres.}
The Experience were just finishing up their last com*mitted [concert] dates. That's all they were doing. I did meet Noel once, in the lobby of the Penn-Garden hotel, and it was very cordial." [I][ie Noel didn’t know what was going on behind his back, yet;).]

MM: “I noticed from the get-go that there was genuine warmth between Billy and Jimi. I didn’t know anything about their relationship beforehand from their army days; I just knew that they went back to the chitlin circuit together. But they would spent a lot of time together, working on music as partners; this was the first time in.... In Billy, I also saw someone that was prepared to play on Jimi’s level, and had real enthusiasm about the my three years with Jimi that he’d ever had anyone to work with like this and bounce ideas off work and was willing to sit for hours and hours getting things together. This was right from the start, way before the Band of Gypsys. There was a synchronicity; there was contact. For me to see my friend Jimi getting his rocks off being able to play off someone else was really great; he’d never had that before, for as long as I’d known him. I saw it and I felt it.”

* trumpet has been mixed out of all available versions

** 292 is basically Duke Ellington’s ‘Dooji Wooji’

*** It’s unknown if this is from this or the following day

Jimihendrix.com’s ‘Encyclopaedia - Tape Log’ also has Freedom, untitled Jam, Horn & Piano Jam {Jam 292 possibly?} doesn’t mention Young/Hendrix