View Full Version : 1969-07-01 “Ashokan House”, Boiceville, NY.

08-31-17, 06:33 AM
Tuesday 1 July 1969
Boiceville, “Ashokan House”, NY.
No gig.
Jimi moves into this large country retreat in the Catskills, rented from Dylan’s manager Albert Grossman (we are told, although someone else claims it was another, their father?), to rehearse his band for the “Woodstock” festival and, possibly, the live jam Band Of Gypsys LP he has determined on making to fullfil his legal obligation to Chalpin/Capitol. He often spends time in NYC, though, and goes off on a holiday to Morocco.
Billy, Juma & Gerardo arrive around this time

Billy: “And we wounded up with a-aah, place in upstate New York, aah-outside of Woodstock. Where we had a lot of time to rehearse and it was spent-aah, creating.”

Gerry Velez: "Jeffery said, 'Who the fuck is this kid Gerry Velez? I've never even heard of him.' [Hendrix had played with conga players several times throughout his Experience career, none of whom Jeffery would have had a clue (or cared) about) Jimi explained that he liked playing with me and wanted me in the band [why would he need to explain anything to Jeffery about [temporarily] hiring a conga player?]. Then Jimi decided to have two percussionists, with Juma and I providing both an Afri*can and Latin flavor." [almost inaudible, and definitely not noticeably Latin or African, apart from the fact that congas came to Latin American culture through African slaves. Juma was not an African.]

Martha Velez: “Because he had the resources, he just brought everybody up to woodshed in that house and ride horses and try that Woodstock meditative approach to writing and creating. He was a very intelligent person who was getting trapped in his own creation. It was important to break out of that, but on his own terms. And to do that he had to have a space where there wasn’t a lot of observation.”

Thursday 3 July 1969, Cotchford Farm, Hartfield, England