View Full Version : 1969-09-04 New York City, Hit Factory, NY. 'GSR'’

08-31-17, 08:53 AM
Thursday 4 September 1969
New York City, Hit Factory, NY. ‘GSR’
Producer: Jimi Hendrix
Engineers: Joey Zagarino

“Jungle Jam”/’Jam Back At The House’ (aka 'Beginnings') (3)
“Jungle Jam” is just a made up boot title for an edit of the introduction to this. No definite date for this.
Master Mind (17 takes, with vocal) – unreleased “Take 4 marked “Fair”. Takes 9 & 11 are complete but ‘lacking cohesion & spirit’.
Master Mind (2) (take 18, with vocal) “Marked ‘Master’”.