View Full Version : 1969-09-25 New York City, Record Plant, NY.

08-31-17, 10:01 AM
Thursday 25 September 1969
New York City, Record Plant, NY.
Jimi–guitar, Buddy Miles–drums. *Juma “Sultan” (Lewis)-percussion
24:00 - ?
Producer: Jimi Hendrix
Engineer: Jack Adams
2nd engineer Dave Ragno
‘Keep On Groovin’ (aks ‘Midnight Lghtnin’) unreleased. JMcD: “Raw. Occasional vocal by Hendrix.”
Room Full Of Mirrors (rough demos) (25) other takes unreleased. JMcD: “Sound too unrehearsed.”
Room Full Of Mirrors (25)/ Message To Love (52)/Machine Gun (36)/
/‘Sky Blues Today’* (aka ‘Stepping Stone’) (2)* (8 takes, take 8 is marked “hold”) (16) other takes unreleased.
JMcD:”Miles with seemingly little or no rehearsal, is doing his best to learn the song on the fly, making adjustments dictated by Hendrix.
‘Jam’, unreleased. Not in JMcD

*Stepping Stone (2) includes Earth Blues (3)